#183 : How to Avoid the Kitchen Sink Approach
with Krista Strayer 


Episode at a Glance

Do you ever worry that you overcomplicate things inside your business?  

Whether it’s your social media content, the structure of your offers, or even the way you talk about your work, a lot of coaches unconsciously create confusion for themselves and their audience with what I’ll call the Kitchen Sink Approach. 

It’s rooted in a deep desire to serve and to be successful, but it often results in this invisible assumption that we have to include every little detail about our work into every thing that we do. 

As the saying goes… a confused mind says no.  

So, the kitchen sink approach needs to go. 

And that’s what we’ll cover in today’s episode. 

My guest is Krista Strayer who helps women who have just had a wake up call feel vibrant and healthy naturally. 

Krista has been my health coach for the last several months and I just have to say that she’s so knowledgeable, compassionate, and very good at what she does. 

But that message can easily get lost in translation in Krista’s marketing. 

Why?  The Kitchen Sink Approach. 

So, Krista and I put our heads together to really spell out the customer journey her clients tend to take. And what we discovered was that Krista’s message was just too advanced for her audience.  

Which is a simple problem to solve when you clarify your Signature System and understand the steps your ideal client must take in order to be ready for coaching and successful in the process. 

Krista and I both left this conversation feeling so clear about her message and the structure of her offers. So, I hope it inspires some clarity in you too. 

In this episode, you’ll learn to:

  • Simplify your business model and create a user-friendly customer experience.
  • Establish a reliable routine for consistent content creation and its promotion.
  • Develop bespoke approaches to cater to clients at their unique stages of their  journey.


Krista Strayer
Krista Strayer


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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