#170 : Build your list to boost course sales
with Omar Cumberbatch 


Episode at a Glance

If you want to learn how to leverage your strengths… leverage what’s working… to become more visible and boost your sales, then this episode is for you.

My guest today is Omar Cumberbatch who helps Health Coaches create podcasts that build their brands.

Earlier this year, Omar invited me to join him on his show, The Health Coach Academy Podcast.  His show is really valuable and quite successful.

So, Omar wanted to brainstorm how he can leverage his show to boost course sales.

Which led us to a step by step conversation about list building because if you want to boost course sales, you’ve gotta build a mailing list.

Since Omar isn’t interested in social media marketing, we brainstormed a couple of simple ways he can build off of his podcast to add email subscribers who can ultimately buy his course.

In this episode, we’ll discuss how to:

  • Use your podcast for list building and marketing courses.
  • Use lead magnet swaps as a cutting-edge list building strategy.
  • Create personalized pitches to increase chances of being booked on other podcasts to help drive more listeners to your own show.
  • Build commercials for a lead magnet into every podcast episode.
  • Use social media to promote your podcast and lead magnet.

Key Points We Cover:

Podcast Promotion
You can’t simply make a course and expect it to sell. Instead, Dallas and Omar brainstorm ways he can use his successful podcast to drive more sales. Their ideas include running commercials for his course directly on the podcast. They also talked about using the podcast to also build his mailing list so he can sell via email. And lastly, how Omar can leverage partnerships to bring more ears to his podcast where he’ll then be able to sell his course.

Social Media Marketing Strategy
A social media marketing strategy is essential for coaches who aim to build their email list. By consistently utilizing various platforms, coaches can expand their reach and engage a much larger audience, thus increasing the chances of attracting new subscribers. It is important for coaches to choose social media strategies that align with their personal comfort level and preferences, as this will ensure more consistent engagement.

In this episode, Dallas encourages Omar to embrace a more consistent social media marketing strategy by posting podcast transcripts and audiograms on his LinkedIn account. They discuss the importance of tailoring your marketing strategy to fit your personal preferences so they feel authentic and comfortable, which in turn will help you connect with potential subscribers on a genuine level and ultimately grow your email list.

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