#96 : An easy, 4-step list building plan
with Amy Goldmacher 


Episode at a Glance

Welcome to the third and final episode in our special series all about list building. Let’s talk about strategy, shall we?

My guest is Amy Goldmacher. Amy helps aspiring nonfiction authors go from book idea, to proposal, to draft to getting to a publishable book. Her clients are often experts who just need help taking all of their expertise and putting it into a book.

Amy has a super fun lead magnet. It’s a bookmark that walks would-be writers through 4-ways to nail down the title of their book.

What’s been missing for Amy is a concrete and repeatable strategy to actually get her lead magnet out in the world.

Not only to build her list, but test the effectiveness of her LM marketing, opt-in page conversion, and how well the lead magnet leads to paying clients.

So, Amy and I walk through 4 simple and repeatable ways she can start promoting her lead magnet and get more aspiring authors on her list.

Get ready to take some notes because I know you can try out at least one of the strategies we discuss today.


Amy Goldmacher
Amy Goldmacher


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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