#148 : Build your list to find more clients
with Michelle Cox 


Episode at a Glance

Let’s talk about the #1 thing standing between you and all the clients you want.

It’s your list.

Sometimes the answer to finding more clients is to build your list.

And that’s the truth for my guest today.

Michelle Cox who has a very clear vision about where she wants to take her business.

That vision looks like:

8-10 private clients

1-2 VIP Days each month

1 small group and maybe a membership down the road

This vision is totally possible for Michelle and for you. But only if you make list building your top priority. Why? Because 1-3% of your list will end up becoming customers.

So, if you can’t find customers, it’s probably a sign that list building has fallen to the wayside.

Today, Michelle and I crafted a simple plan of (boring) habits she can repeat, every week, in order to become more visible and build her list.

None of it is complicated or fancy, but it is essential because if Michelle wants to work with 16 clients, she needs a list of 1600 subscribers.

So, as you listen along, think about your client-getting goal. Do your list building efforts match that number?


Michelle Cox
Michelle Cox


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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