#120 : Simplify your offers and create space to breathe
with Carolyn Stein 


Episode at a Glance

As your business grows, here’s what you can expect…

An ebb and a flow.

You will enter into big periods of expansion when you put yourself out there in a bigger way, or you launch a course, or hire a team… expansion is all about growing.  But there’s an equally essential phase that supports expansion.  And that’s containment.

If all you do is grow grow grow, you’ll eventually burst.

Containment phases in your business allow you to catch your breath, get your systems in place, and grow internally all in support of the next big expansion period.

There’s value in standing still sometimes.

Which brings me to today’s guest. Carolyn Stein just went through a massive expansion phase in her personal life and what she needed is some time and space for things to settle.

So, her big business goals needed to take a back seat at the moment.

Which left Carolyn with the question… how do I grow? More specifically… how do I bring in clients with ease so I can simply maintain in the short term and set myself up to expand when I’m ready?

Carolyn is a leadership coach who helps folks solve a big problem in their work. Whether they think they need a career change or they just see that their leadership is lacking, Carolyn uses art as a framework to help people deepen their skills and improve their performance.

If you find yourself in a transition. Or if you worry that something is wrong with you because you’re not growing fast enough, I think my conversation with Carolyn will offer up a refreshing perspective. Enjoy!


Carolyn Stein
Carolyn Stein


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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