#53 : Don’t over-complicate your offerings
with Iva Perez 


Episode at a Glance

If you ever worry that your business can’t handle all your creative ideas, you’re going to love today’s episode.

My guest is Iva Perez who is a newer coach with what she thought were two totally separate businesses she wanted to get off the ground.

After Iva and I dug into her mission and her target audience, we realized that she doesn’t actually have two businesses on her hands. She has two offerings.

So, I teach Iva about The Offerings Bullseye and she gets crystal clear about how her two offerings not only support each other, but ultimately support her audience.

Which is great news because Iva is on a mission to help moms heal themselves and help families build stronger connections. This important work needs a voice like Iva’s and after our conversation she was off and running.

If you ever feel confused or overwhelmed by all the ways you want to help your audience, I think this episode will give you the clarity you need to let things be easy.



Iva Perez
Iva Perez


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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