#WTDI 2 : Data Driven Goals
with Frenchie, Kristin, Megan & Danielle 


Episode at a Glance

Welcome to Episode 2 of our very special What to Do Instead Series where I’ve invited some of my favorite voices in the online coaching space to offer up actionable alternatives to the harmful, outdated, or just plain silly practices perpetuated in our industry.

And this episode is designed to help you set smart, data-driven goals.  I’ll introduce our guests in just a moment, but first…

Stop what you’re doing right now and go download the special WTDI companion magazine.  Inside, we feature an article inspired by all 28 guest experts.  Plus 28 incredible free resources you can download to take what you’re learning even further.


When you download the magazine I pledge to donate $1 to The Afiya Center for every new subscriber who downloads the magazine before December 31st.

The Afiya center is an incredible RJ organization in northern Texas dedicated to bringing true reproductive freedom to Black women and girls through education, resources, and service.

So not only will you get a very pretty magazine (the pages turn, people… this is not a boring pdf). But you’ll also get a bunch of incredible free resources donated by our guests and simply by opting in, you’ll show your support to The Afiya Center.

The link to grab your companion magazine now is dallastravers.com/wtdi or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE MAGAZINE

With that, let’s talk about our Data Driven Goals Experts.

Up first is Frenchie Ferenczi who will show you have to Stay Close to the Money: The Strategy Overworked Coaches Need Now because it’ll help you know exactly where you can get the most bang for your marketing buck.

From there, Megan Hale will share a really smart framework to help you rethink your revenue goals.  No more slapping a $997 price tag on your program because that’s what everybody else seems to be doing.

Then, Kristin Lawton will finally share Three Steps to Put Know, Like, + Trust Into Action. I loved this interview because we’ve all heard about KLT, but I’ve never really heard someone break it down in such an actionable way.

Last but not least, Danielle Tucker’s going to speak into what I think might be the most important data point every coach needs to follow… and that’s your own energy. Danielle will tell you that Your Unique Energetic DNA is the Real Key to Business Success

So, are you ready for a fresh approach to goal setting built on data instead of vibes?

I know I am… let’s get started, but don’t forget to ….



Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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