#WTDI 1 : Feel Good Social Media
with Kary, Tania and Sophia 


Episode at a Glance

I’m so excited to introduce you to a Brand new series here on the podcast. It’s called What to Do Instead and I’ve invited some of my favorite people in the online coaching space to offer up actionable alternatives to the harmful, outdated or just plain silly practices perpetuated in the online space. What to Do Instead has been on my must do list for longer than I care to admit and I’m just so grateful that it’s here and it’s happening.

Over the next few days, we will drop 8 bonus episodes right here on this show dedicated to filling that gap in the online coaching space. You know… So many voices now call out harmful practices, which is needed. But not too many people offer up alternatives.  That’s what my special guest and are are committed to with this series.

In a moment, I’ll introduce Sophia Parra, Kary Perry and Tania Bhattacharyya who’ll share some incredible Feel Good Social Media Strategies with you. But first… I want you to take one really important action.

Download the special companion digital magazine where you’ll not only enjoy 28 special articles inspired by WTDI guest experts. But every one of them has a special free gift for you.  You can access all of them inside the WTDI digital magazine and it’s FREE to download.


I pledge to donate $1 for every new email subscriber who downloads the WTDI digital magazine before December 31st to an incredible reproductive justice organization called The Afiya Center. Which is the only Reproductive Justice (RJ) organization in North Texas founded and directed by Black womxn. The Afiya center does the important work of providing refuge, education, and resources; as they work to ignite the communal voices of Black womxn to achieve reproductive freedom.

So please show your support by downloading the WTDI magazine now  Again every new subscriber who downloads the magazine means $1 goes directly to The Afiya Center.

And now for a quick introduction to the guest experts on our very first WTDI episode.

Up first, you’ll hear from one of my coaches, Kary Perry. Kary will Kary will teach you how to build a social brand which is the secret sauce behind Kary’s social media success plus the success of countless students inside her Social from Scratch Program.

Then, Tania will share a super simple and highly effective strategy to create strong connections that lead to more clients thanks to LinkedIn polls.  I love this strategy so much because not only does it generate leads, but it’s also an excellent way to crowdsource your social media content.  So smart.

And last but not least is my friend, Sophia Parra.  Sophia will bust a big myth about your follower count plus offer up 10 easy things you can do to get the most mileage from your social media strategy. The cool thing about Sophia’s approach is that it erases any judgment you might have about your small follower count.

I am thrilled to roll out this special series and excited for you to grab the companion digital magazine.



Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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