#WTDI 7 : Smart SEO + Ethical AI
with Sonja, Brittany, Kate & Dallas 


Episode at a Glance

Ever thought about the questionable methods doing the rounds in the online coaching space?

We’ve all seen them. And we’re not just pointing fingers, we’re providing fixes.

Enter the “What to Do Instead” series, our solution-oriented deep dive into the digital coaching conundrums.

You know, it’s simple to point out what’s wrong, but carving out the better way? That’s where the gold is. My guests and I are on a mission to not only flag the issues but to flip them on their head with savvy solutions.

This is episode #7 of our special series and today, we’re going to talk about two essential marketing tools I know I intend to leverage in 2024.

The first is AI.

Sonja Crystal Williams will get us started today by sharing her FITT formula to help you use AI with intention.

From there, I’ll actually share a seven step process to help you repurpose your best content and turn it into six more pieces of content that sound just like you because it originates from you.

Then, we’ll shift gears and talk about SEO which is a tool I know I’ve under-utilized in the past.

Kate Kordsmeier will invite you to replace social media marketing with a long term SEO strategy. From there, she’ll deliver up an SEO masterclass to help you put things into action.

And we’ll wrap the episode up with Brittany Herzberg who has a brilliant strategy to leverage SEO in your case studies and testimonials.

I hope you’re ready for a paradigm shift today… because I have a feeling that’s what’s about to happen.

But first…

I want to make sure you can put everything you learn inside this series into action.

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This outstanding organization is the beacon of reproductive justice in North Texas, steered by phenomenal Black womxn. They’re not just about talking the talk; they walk the walk in providing education, resources, and most importantly, a voice.>

So, lend your support, get your magazine, and know you’re doing good on multiple fronts. Again, that’s dallastravers.com/wtdi or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE WTDI MAGAZINE

Alright, I think that covers it.  Let’s dive into Smart SEO + ethical AI.


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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