#WTDI 5 : Meaningful + Manageable Visibility
with Qiana, Mai-Kee, Sonia, & Laurie-Ann 


Episode at a Glance

Welcome to Coaches on a Mission. I’ve curated the WTDI series to offer up actionable alternatives to the harmful, outdated or just plain silly practices perpetuated in the online coaching space.

In our last episode, we focused on Strategic and Authentic Content and now I’d like to take a deep dive into meaningful and manageable visibility.

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Okay, let’s get into today’s important conversation… How, as a values-driven coach, can you feel safe being visible and staying visible as you build your business.

Our first guest is Qiana Tompkins who just released a book to help Black women dispel the myth of Bootstrapping your business so they can overcome the wealth and accessibility barriers that have impacted them for generations.  Qiana’s going to introduce you to this important message right at the top of today’s episode.

From there, you’ll hear from Mai-Kee Tsang who wants every coach, especially those with marginalized identities to maintain what she calls Sustainable Visibility.  Mai-Kee will teach you the art of being seen without burning out.

Then, the creator of Wildly Creating, Sonia Moroni Duru will share her RAVE framework to help you embrace your personality-soaked brand.

Finally, we’ll wrap the episode up with Laurie-Ann Murabito who wants every coach to literally step out on a bigger stage and deliver high impact talks as your new favorite visibility  method.

Lot’s to cover and lots to think about… I can’t wait to dive in, but first don’t forget to download your companion magazine.



Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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