#212 : Does Your Niche Have To Match Your Purpose?
with Matt Winters 
headshot of guest Matt Winters for his "does your niche have to match your purpose?" podcast episode


Episode at a Glance

Matt Winters plans to shift to a different niche. But he worries he’s abandoning a target audience he really cares about. In this episode, Dallas addresses the question, “Does your niche have to match your purpose,” even for a values-driven coach.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alignment over Palatability: Focus on aligning your niche with your purpose rather than worrying about how palatable it may seem to others. Authenticity and depth resonate more with the right audience.
  • Refine Your Deep Niche: To clearly articulate your coaching services and values, connect with the shared experiences and beliefs of your dream clients to foster meaningful connections.
  • Target Ready Clients: Identify potential clients who are ready for your coaching services by understanding their awareness level and triggers for seeking coaching. Tailor your messaging to resonate with their needs and aspirations.
  • Embrace Fluidity: Shift your perspective from viewing business challenges as obstacles to seeing them as opportunities for growth and evolution. Approach your journey with a sense of fluidity, openness, and curiosity.
  • Practice Self-Compassion: Treat yourself with kindness and care as you navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Cultivate a practice of self-awareness and self-compassion to sustain your well-being and resilience.

Timestamps & Key Topics
[00:41] Matt shares his desire for clarity in his niche transition
[02:45] Dallas clarifies the root of Matt’s challenges and offers a perspective shift
[04:38] Dallas shares a story about aligning purpose with work
[08:45] Matt reflects on his past experiences and expectations of purposeful work
[10:44] Distinction between narrow and deep niches
[12:45] Matt explores the need for refining his deep niche for better alignment.
[15:09] Dallas and Matt discuss communicating authentically without worrying about palatability
[17:04] Explanation of awareness ladder and the readiness of potential clients
[21:03] Importance of targeting the right audience for referral marketing
[22:10] Dallas and Matt summarize the ideal client profile and how to identify potential clients
[25:07] Dallas highlights the value of engaging with individuals who may not be ready clients, as they provide valuable insights for refining Matt’s message
[27:07] Dallas and Matt discuss a “Getting Started Action Plan” around market research
[28:13] Dallas proposes integrating market research into Matt’s existing Client Surge process
[31:39] Dallas shares a personal story illustrating the power of mindset in navigating challenges
[33:58] Matt shares how he would relate to his work, progress and building of his business if he could choose the way
[40:24] Dallas summarizes the next steps for Matt


Matt Winters
Matt Winters


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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Episode Highlights

Redefining Success With Matt Winters

My guest Matt Winters recently changed his niche away from helping gay men go from feeling stuck and lonely to having the authentic connections they want in all areas of life. Now, he plans to leverage a career full of experience to help leaders relate to people as humans instead of as simply resources. 

Matt came to the conversation feeling conflicted and murky. We’ve all been there, right? Wondering if we’re on the right track or if we’ve taken a detour chasing something shinier. It’s natural to shift gears as we grow. What matters is making an impact where it counts today, not sticking to a script that no longer fits.

So, wrestling with the “does your niche have to match your purpose” debate, it’s clear it’s not about sticking to a label. It’s about finding what lights you up and letting that guide your journey. 

Whether it’s evolving like Matt or weaving work around your passion, it’s all about striking that fine balance. You can redefine your path anytime, making sure your niche and purpose do a little dance together that feels just right.

Human-Centered Leadership: More Than Just A Niche

Throughout our talk, it struck me that answering the “does your niche have to match your purpose” question isn’t one-size-fits-all. For Matt, his niche is a reflection of his heart’s work to create a more human-centered world, one leader at a time.

We talked about the awareness ladder. You know, it’s this idea that people are either unaware of their problems, sort of aware, or totally ready to find a solution. 

Matt mulled over the notion that to be an effective leader, you might think you have to be tough, firm, or even borderline robotic. But deep down, there’s this burning question: Can I be myself and still be a kick-butt leader?

Spoiler alert: the answer’s a resounding YES. It’s all about embracing human-centered leadership. So here’s to more humans connecting, learning, and growing and less treating people like office supplies.

Does Your Niche Have To Match Your Purpose?

When we talk about niches and purpose, they’re like two peas in a pod. Real leaders don’t just check boxes; they step up to make genuine impacts, uniting their passion with their tribe – those who see employees as people and not just worker bees.

Locking down your niche? Crucial. It’s the backbone of your journey, blending your experiences with the stuff you’re fired up about. And here’s the fun part – it’s about weaving your mission into everything you do, not sidelining it.

In short, nailing your niche isn’t just about picking a market. It’s syncing your passion with your purpose and knowing who’s jazzed to join the ride.

Turning Work Into A Dance

I share a personal story about giving birth at home. It was intense but also incredibly amazing because I was riding on a wave of bliss hormones. I decided not to brace myself for pain but to embrace the experience wholeheartedly. Sounds nuts, but I was literally telling my hubby he should try it. That’s because I chose to see it through a lens of bliss, not pain.

Believe me, this IS actually connected to your coaching business.  Here’s how…

What if you could see your work, your hustle, your whole business-building journey like that? Instead of gearing up for the next big painful step, what if you danced through it?

Matt shared his wish to treat work more like an interactive story or a live-action role-playing game. Imagine viewing your business moves as elements of a game where you’re constantly interacting, creating, and evolving. The goal isn’t to nail every step perfectly but to stay in that dance, in the flow.

Adding a little check-in at the start and end of your workday can make a massive difference. It’s not about rating how productive you were but about how you felt during the process. Aim to increase those moments of joy, those feelings of being fully immersed in your dance. Because hey, the dance is always new, and learning new steps? That’s half the fun.

So, does your niche have to match your purpose? Maybe not. But making your work feel more like a dance certainly helps align them more joyfully. Let’s all aim for a bit more dancing in our work lives, shall we?

Finding Your Groove In Coaching

The key takeaway? It’s about checking in with yourself, allowing your business to be a space of generative, joyful work rather than an uphill battle. 

Does your niche have to match your purpose? Perhaps not, but aligning your work with compassion and care surely makes every step feel purposeful.

Feeling inspired? Dive into the full episode for more insights and to catch the whole heartwarming discussion. Watch the full podcast episode here.