#157 : Are you brave enough to own your own niche?
with Trudi Remer 


Episode at a Glance

One thing I say often is that you cannot build a business with free stuff you find on the internet.

That includes this podcast – even though every episode is rich with insight and tangible actions… it’s not the same as following a structured, proven, values-aligned path that leaves out all the guesswork.

Which is why I’d love to invite you to apply to join The Hive. This is a year long mentorship program designed to give you the step by step tools and actions you need to really do this coaching thing. You can apply to join the hive and book a 1:1 call with me directly at dallastravers.com/apply.

Now… let me introduce you to today’s guest.  Her name is Trudi Remer and the work she is up to is so very important.  Trudi helps folks feel their big feelings so they can finally answer the question, “what’s next for me?”.

Trudi is so skilled at holding space for people in grief. Yet, she’s also seen that most folks… they don’t want to talk about grief.  Grief is taboo in American culture, so Trudi has struggled to find the right marketing message to draw people in.

Yet Trudi knows that a huge part of her mission is to normalize grief… to bring it into the light.

And I think Trudi gave herself permission to do just that by the end of our conversation today.

Now, put your coaching ears on as you listen because you’re going to notice how resistance came up for Trudi and worked to distract her from her mission.  We had a real breakthrough moment during this recording and I hope it inspires you to be a little more brave about your niche and how you share your mission.


Trudi Remer
Trudi Remer


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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