#97 : Find the right words to describe what you do
with Laurie Shiers 


Episode at a Glance

Over the next two episodes, we’re going to talk about what – inside the Hive – we call your Dream Client Power Statement (or DCPS).

A DCPS is the way you concisely describe the people you serve and results you help them achieve.

Over and over again, I see the difference a strong DCPS can have on every coach, no matter how long you’ve been in business. Which is interesting because for some of us, the DCPS isn’t something we ever say verbatim. Yet, it’s this anchor that bolsters our confidence and our message.

So, my guest today is Laurie Shiers whose business has been evolving and it’s time to find the words to keep up with this evolution.

Laurie and I get really clear on the two offerings she’ll provide both of which offer the same outcome. From there… we get kinda sorta pretty close to a rock solid DCPS for her.

But we don’t quite nail it.

Here’s what’s fun… about 24 hours after our recording session, Laurie sent me the most amazing email with a perfected and totally inspiring DCPS inside.

Let me share it with you and then we’ll dig into the episode so you can follow along and clarify your own DCPS just like Laurie did.

Okay, so Laurie Shiers helps people do the things they’ve been dreaming about. If you’re afraid you might die with your gifts still hidden inside, I’ll help you get your ideas out of your head and into the world—and do it with joy, passion and purpose.

Pretty great, right?

And with that, let’s dive into the episode!


Laurie Shiers
Laurie Shiers


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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