#211 : The Case to Ditch All The Apps You’re Paying For
with Angela Tan 
headshot of guest Angela Tan for her "the case to ditch all the apps you're paying for" podcast episode


Episode at a Glance

Angela Tan is here for another What to Do Instead episode where she encourages you to think before you buy yet another app for your business. Angela offers a four-step process to help you determine which apps work best for your brain and how you can ditch all the apps you’re paying for.

Key Takeaways:

  • Regular Audits: Conduct quarterly audits of your software stack to ensure efficiency and avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Individualized Approach: Avoid blindly following others’ software recommendations and prioritize finding tools that meet your unique business needs.
  • Free Software Trials: Take advantage of free trials to explore their features and their compatibility with your other software.
  • Explore Software Features: Invest time in exploring existing software tools to maximize their potential.
  • Delay Investment: Hold off on investing in courses or setups for new software until you’ve thoroughly assessed its suitability for your business.

Timestamps & Key Topics
[01:10] Angela identifies the harmful practice of blindly following others’ software recommendations or dropping big money on a fancy tech stack
[04:07] Financial implications and challenges of switching software
[05:39] Angela recommends finding software tailored to individual business needs instead of copying others
[06:28] Importance of treating software choices as thoughtfully as hiring employees
[10:25] Importance of doing quarterly software audits
[13:38] Taking advantage of free software trials
[16:57] Consistently explore software features to optimize business processes
[24:13] Avoid premature investment in courses or setups for new software
[28:15] What’s possible when following the 4 step process for your tech stack
[28:50] Importance of self-trust in making software decisions
[29:17] The deeper significance of cultivating self-trust as a business owner
[29:50] Importance of embracing uniqueness and developing a systems mindset


Angela Tan
Angela Tan


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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Episode Highlights

Angela Tan’s Guide to Essential Business Apps

This episode might save you hundreds of dollars every month, not to mention at least seven headaches. 

My guest Angela Tan is like a systems fairy godmother. Angela believes that the fastest yet most sustainable way to make it easy for your people to discover you, pay you, and rave about you is by automating your marketing, sales, and client management process.

Dreamy, right? That’s why Angela is passionate about educating online business owners on easy-to-implement automated workflows so you can run a sustainable, hands-off business.

But Angela understands that many of us waste way too much time and money on apps that we simply don’t need. 

Well, that pattern stops today thanks to Angela’s four-step process to help you make informed choices about what tools your business actually needs and which ones work best for your brain. 

Do You Really Need All Those Apps?

Starting out or scaling up your coaching business, don’t fall for the fancy tech trap. Keep a hawk’s eye on your digital lineup. 

Every few months, give your apps a check-up. 

Ask yourself: Are they helping or just hanging about? If they’re not up to the task, cut them loose. And always think twice before adding new ones to the mix. Will they fix a problem, or are they just another pretty face?

Angela’s had her share of email platform drama, and here’s her takeaway: if you don’t vibe with it, it’s not for you. Like those skinny jeans we all tried to squeeze into, if it doesn’t fit, it’s time to quit.

And those free trials? Sneaky little things, aren’t they? Keep an eye on them and set a reminder to decide if they deserve your wallet’s attention.

So keep it simple and gear up with what makes sense for YOU. Keep your tech tight, your costs down, and your business running smoothly. 

Making The Most Of Your Software

Angela floated a brilliant idea – think about your apps as employees. Are they hard workers making your life easier, or are they just loafing around? She suggests you ditch all the apps you’re paying for if they’re not pulling their weight. Bye-bye, slackers!

We also got into automation magic with Zapier. This can be your secret weapon, hooking up your apps to work in harmony. Because, let’s face it, playing matchmaker with technology can sometimes give you that sweet, sweet ROI.

And, you know what’s cool? Finding out you might be sitting on a goldmine with features you didn’t even know existed in the tools you’ve got. Instead of chasing shiny new apps, give your current lineup a chance to shine. Sometimes, less is more and simple is the new smart.

So take a moment for a tech check every week. It’s not just about knowing your stuff. It’s about owning your business, steering it like a boss, and maybe even feeling a bit more legit in your business-owner shoes. 

Let’s make those apps work for us, not the other way around! The deal is, if your tools feel like clunky old toys rather than slick, useful gadgets, you’ve gotta ask yourself if they’re worth your dollar. Apps need to do their part: simplify tasks, play nice with each other, and grow with your biz.

Savor those free tutorials and dig deep into what your software can do before you splash the cash on extra help. Too many hop onto a new app train only to circle back to their old faithful.

Bottom line? Stick with tech that helps more than hassles. And when you’re in sync with your software, scaling isn’t a scary word; it’s just another step on your biz ladder. 

Keep it real, keep it simple, and let your tech tools tote the heavy stuff.

Empowering Your Biz Through Smart Systems

Angela nailed it when she said our businesses are as unique as we are, which means there’s no magic, one-size-fits-all system. 

The key? Understand your needs, explore your options, and trust in your choices. Whether you’re scaling sky-high or maintaining a steady pace, the right systems and software have your back.

Remember, flashy tools might catch your eye, but at the end of the day, it’s about what builds your business without breaking your spirit (or bank). It’s about making informed decisions that align with your unique path.

For a deeper dive into crafting a tech stack that’s as badass as you are and how to turn your back-end mess into a powerhouse of efficiency and self-reliance, tune into the full podcast episode. Let’s get you empowered, equipped, and totally in tune with your business.