#WTDI 8 : Accessible Programs, Equitable Pay + Savvy Systems
with Erin, Tamsin & Patty 


Episode at a Glance

If you’re all about creating a ripple effect of positive impact in the coaching world, then today’s final episode of our WTDI series will strike a chord with you: “Accessible Programs, Equitable Pay + Savvy Systems.”

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We’re about to slice through the noise and dive into a topic that’s not just timely, but timeless – Erin Perkins will help you craft online events that are as inclusive as they are influential, ensuring that everyone’s got a seat at the table.

Plus, Tamsin Parry will talk about fair pay when you hire an offshore VA in a way that makes sense.

And we’ll wrap things up with Patty Woods who’s here to help you design systems that don’t just work, but work wonders for YOU whether they match the advice you see online or not.

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So, are you ready to level up your coaching practice with accessibility, fairness, and efficiency at the forefront?

Let’s do it.


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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