#168 : Overcoming the fear of visibility: a coach’s guide to growing your business
with Katy Chen Mazzara 


Episode at a Glance

Do you struggle with staying visible as a coach?

Well, I’m bringing back one of my all time favorite episodes this week.

In fact, it was one of the first episodes I ever recorded for the show. My guest is Katy Chen Mazzara and she is a money coach who helps creatives save more money without sacrifice so they can truly experience financial freedom.

At the time of our interview, Katy was ready to scale her business but she struggled to be visible consistently.  So, what you’ll hear today is a deep conversation where Katy and I uncover the origin of her fear.  From there, we explore how she can be with that fear instead of assuming that the only way to overcome it is by taking on a false, positive mental attitude.

Now, this conversation happened nearly two years ago and can I just say that our friend Katy no longer struggles to be visible. In fact, I see her IG lives and reels in my feed consistently.

And her business growth has matched her visibility for sure.  Since we originally aired this episode, Katy launched her yearlong mentorship program for creatives and her business has not only passed the six figure mark in revenue… it’s hit six figures in profit.

If you’re a coach and you can relate to Katy’s struggles with fear of visibility, then this episode is definitely for you.

In this episode, we’ll discuss how to:

1. Conquer the fears that hold you back from showcasing your business.
2. Heal past wounds to unlock your full potential for personal growth.
3. Build a strong relationship with your inner child to expand your business horizons.
4. Embrace playfulness and creativity to thrive in today’s competitive market.
5. Perform meaningful acts that bring about closure and growth during emotional healing processes.

Key Points We Cover:

Business Growth and Personal Growth
The relationship between personal growth and business growth is profound and interconnected. A Coach’s personal development directly impacts their ability to successfully grow and manage their businesses. As coaches evolve and address their limiting beliefs, they can unlock their full potential and create more opportunities for success in their professional lives. Katy’s path to increased visibility exemplifies the relationship between personal and business growth. Through self-awareness, healing past traumas, and commitment to personal growth, coaches like Katy can move past their limitations and achieve success in their businesses.

Being Visible
In the world of coaching, being visible is a vital aspect of success. By putting oneself out there, coaches are more likely to attract and reach their target audience, building trust and rapport with potential clients. Visibility is essential in creating brand awareness, marketing products and services, and remaining competitive in the industry. Furthermore, being visible online through various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms has become a significant part of businesses’ digital strategies, especially for coaches seeking to grow their brand and connect with potential clients. In this podcast, Katy and Dallas discuss her struggles with visibility and the challenges she has faced in putting herself out there for her money coaching business. She identifies her childhood experiences, notably a critical kindergarten teacher who stifled her creativity, as the root cause of her fear of being visible. Despite her apprehensions, she is determined to overcome her fears and be more present online through social media channels.

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Katy Chen Mazzara
Katy Chen Mazzara


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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