#91 : You are built for success
with Dani Abernathy 


Episode at a Glance

Today’s episode is a doozie because I’m willing to bet that at least once in your coaching journey, you’ve wondered if you really have what it takes to make your business really work.

We’ve all been there… including my guest, Dani Abernathy who throughout her life has experienced this theme of feeling like an outsider. Dani looked at successful coaches out there and really worried that there was something broken inside her, which prevented her from having success, finding clients, and making money.

So she and I had an honest heart to heart about what success really means to her and how she can rely on two tools to ground herself when she begins to spiral in self-doubt and feelings of other-ness.

The first is simply a physical pattern interrupt, not to distract her from what are very real feelings, but rather to give her a fresh perspective and hopefully reveal more options for how to move forward.

The second is what I’ll call Dani’s Success Plan Litmus Test to help her let go of any judgments or assumptions about why a plan won’t work for her and instead, use her natural skills and resources to make a success plan all her own.

I know I’ve said it before, but this episode is absolutely one of my favorites, so I hope it helps you in your own moments of self doubt because here’s what I know for sure…

Dani is built for success. So am I and so are you…

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Dani Abernathy
Dani Abernathy


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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