#10 : Jenny cornbleet + mark futterman help me uncover the motivation behind my busy-ness
with Jenny Cornbleet + Mark Futterman 


Episode at a Glance

I’ve invited Jenny Cornbleet and Mark Futterman from Boldly Original to coach me through a complicated and honestly toxic relationship I seem to have with time.

I love sharing these episodes with you because one goal I have with this show is to practice authenticity and transparency.

So, yes, we go pretty deep in this episode and yes, I even cry a bit.

But first, a bit about Jenny and Mark…

They help you uncover your deepest inner purpose so you can start doing what matters most. Jenny and Mark believe most of us look for meaning in the wrong place, asking, “What can I do that would bring me purpose?” That’s an outside-in way to search for meaning, and it often leads to spending your whole life looking for something to give you lasting purpose, but never quite finding it.

Jenny and Mark approach purpose from-the-inside-out, helping you turn your work and life into an authentic expression of who you are and what you’re most passionate about.

They have created a unique way to uncover the deepest meaning that’s already inside of you, wanting to be expressed. They call this inner meaning your Boldly Original Proposition or BOP, and it’s the thing your life has perfectly prepared you to help teach, heal, or express in the world.

Whether you have a business, a creative calling, or a cause, they can help you break through self-doubt and feeling stuck and move into a lot more meaning and fulfilment.

Be sure to check out their free class Your Hidden Purpose which is all about the 3 big myths that keep you from doing what matters most and the life you’re meant to have. Just go to www.yourhiddenpurpose.com.


Jenny Cornbleet + Mark Futterman
Jenny Cornbleet + Mark Futterman


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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