#22 : Do this when you’re in your own way
with Randi Corlin Roberts 


Episode at a Glance

As coaches, we’ve all had those moments where we’ve held ourselves back. Whether it’s fear, perfectionism, distraction, or overwhelm… as humans walking the planet, we’ve all been there.

It’s painful, especially when we know we’re doing it, yet we just can’t seem to break free from our sabotaging behaviors.

It’s Dallas Travers here and today’s Six Figure Coach Podcast episode is one of my favorites because we tackle self-sabotage head on.

My guest is Randi Corlin Roberts who left her extremely successful corporate career to become a coach. Randi has a massively successful track record, yet lately she’s held herself back from putting her coaching business out there. Yes, she’s got private clients, but Randi wants more…

A big mailing list. An active online community. Successful courses that make an impact.

This week, we explore what’s holding Randi back and come up with a crystal clear plan to overcome the natural discomfort and sabotage that occur when any of us tries something new.

It’s not a laundry list of actions to take, but instead a new way to see yourself.

Randi shows up ready to do this work, so I know you’ll get a ton out of the episode.


Randi Corlin Roberts
Randi Corlin Roberts


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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