#51 : A simple post-pandemic business plan
with Deb Flashenberg 


Episode at a Glance

My guest today is Deb Flashenberg who owns the Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC.

When the pandemic hit last year, Deb quickly pivoted to take her entire studio online. Which was no small feat, considering that Deb offers pre and post natal classes to pregnant people plus she runs a yoga teacher certification program.

Now that the world is opening up again, Deb has been feeling really overwhelmed about how to bring her in person classes back without losing the progress she’s made online, incurring a ton of extra expenses or burning herself out.

Deb and I walked through a simple process to identify her clear priorities and immediate next steps so she can bring in person classes back without feeling stressed.

Though Deb’s business may not look like yours, if you feel stuck in analysis paralysis with so many things you want to do and no clear way to decide what to focus on, you’ll get a ton of value from my conversation with Deb.


Deb Flashenberg
Deb Flashenberg


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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