#155 : 7 steps to design your membership
with Jolea Payne 


Episode at a Glance

Inside The Hive, we practice The Ripple Effect System which is all about building your business out in layers so you can gain true traction, make more money, and feel less stress.

The system starts with finding clients, then becoming more visible, and finally scaling with a course, membership, mastermind, or large group program.

My guest today is ready to scale.

Her name is Jolea Payne and she helps social impact leaders build thriving organizations that center community and deliver high-impact programming without burning themselves out.

Jolea finds that a lot of leaders in non-profit don’t really have the budget to invest in private coaching, plus they often feel isolated, so a membership is the perfect solution to both of those problems.

Here are the 7 Steps Jolea and I laid out to ensure that Jolea builds a membership that’s truly valuable rather than filled with a bunch of fluff.

  1. Identify the core promise of the membership
  2. Pinpoint each milestone members will hit as they progress toward that promise
  3. Outline the core content inside the membership
  4. Create a production schedule so nobody feels swamped at launch time
  5. Design a launch plan… this is something we cover in great detail inside The Hive, so if a course or membership launch is in your future… make sure to apply to join us at https://dallastravers.com/apply
  6. Clarify what, if any, additional support members will need in order to be successful and feel empowered inside the program.
  7. Set a launch date to make the plan feel real.


On top of setting her members up for success, we made sure Jolea would be successful with her launch as well. And I think we accomplished both goals by the end of the episode.

I hope you’ve got a pen and fresh paper to take some notes because this episode is super juicy. Enjoy it!


Jolea Payne
Jolea Payne


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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