#220 : Four Steps to Design A Membership Your Clients Crave
with Brynn Barale 
headshot of guest Brynn Barale for her "four steps to design a membership your clients crave" podcast episode


Episode at a Glance

Health coach, Brynn Barale is ready to design a membership program for her clients. But the details feel cloudy. So, Dallas steps in to guide Brynn through a four-part process to design a membership program that aligns with what her clients crave most.

Key Takeaways

  • Community and Flexibility Matter: Brynn’s positive experience in The Hive underscores the value of a flexible program and a supportive community, which are crucial elements for client success and engagement.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Asking clients directly about their needs through a simple survey can provide invaluable insights and ensure that the follow-up program is tailored to their specific desires and challenges.
  • Holistic and Nurturing Support: Incorporating diverse elements such as guest speakers, monthly challenges, and consistent support calls can create a well-rounded program that addresses the emotional and practical needs of clients, fostering a sense of community and ongoing support.
  • Anticipate and Prepare for What Comes Next: It’s crucial to plan the next steps for clients nearing the end of a program. This not only helps in retaining clients but also ensures they continue to receive the support they need. Utilize feedback surveys to tailor the next phase according to their needs.
  • Simplicity and Community Matter: The follow-up program doesn’t need to be overly complex. Often, clients value a supportive community and consistent accountability over additional content. Focus on creating a nurturing environment with meaningful interactions and holistic support elements.

Timestamps & Key Topics
[01:32] Brynn discusses what she wants coaching around
[02:51] Dallas shares strategies for preparing clients for the “what’s next” conversation.
[04:41] Discussion on renewing the program without additional content creation.
[07:26] Importance of community and support using a survey to understand clients’ needs to determine next phase of the program
[09:50] Brainstorming the shape of the follow-up program
[12:42] Discussion on the importance of community building and self-nurturing experiences
[14:12] Emotional moment as Brynn envisions the ideal program for her clients
[15:12] Exploring online gathering spaces and communication platforms for the group
[16:40] Aligning program design with survey feedback
[19:24] Discussing the potential for in-person retreats
[20:44] Important of inviting previous power group members to join the new program
[23:50] Crafting a survey and reaching out to previous clients
[26:53] Naming the new program and setting membership terms
[32:39] Wrapping up and final thoughts


Brynn Barale
Brynn Barale


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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Episode Highlights

Design A Membership That Keeps Members Engaged

My guest Brynn Barale empowers breast cancer survivors to lose weight without dieting so they can live a kick-ass life after cancer. 

Last year, Brynn launched her first power group, which is the way we describe small groups inside The Hive.  

While Brynn loves working with her small group, she realizes that she needs a retention plan to enroll her members into the next offer – whether it is to continue in the group or move into a different container. 

So, Brynn and I got to work designing the shape of her group coaching container and outlining a plan to invite current clients, power group members, and even former clients into it. 

This was one of those coaching conversations where the client leaves feeling so enlivened and clear about their vision that they’re moved to tears. I love coaching sessions like this because they show us when we’re all aligned. 

Let me highlight the steps Brynn and I took to turn her dream of a group coaching program into a clear vision she can act on. 

Step One: Understand What Your Clients Need

Rather than assume you already know what your clients want most, you’ve got to ask them.  Here’s how: kick things off with a one-question survey to tap into your clients’ brains. It’s all about ditching the guesswork and making choices backed up by what your clients actually tell you they want.

Don’t overlook the power of community either. Folks need to feel they’re not alone in their journey, so foster that camaraderie for them. It’s incredible how sharing experiences can skyrocket the value of your service.

So what should you be doing? Well, in the next meet-up, float that one-question survey. This is your magic wand to customize your services so you knock it out of the park every time. Listening and adapting based on what you hear – that’s the gold standard.

Don’t just stop there, though. Use this survey as a cheeky marketing move too. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone – understanding needs and sparking interest.

Remember, always have an eye on the future. Anticipating your client’s next steps keeps you ahead in the game. Trust me, that’s the buzz you want to create.

Step Two: Build Your Program Around Your Client’s Feedback

Want to nail the perfect program for your peeps? It’s all about mixing their wishes with a pinch of your own flavor. We got into the nitty-gritty of blending client preferences with a sweet dash of personality. Brynn’s chatting about spicing things up with guest stars – think astrology buffs or lymphedema whizzes – to give folks that extra connection they crave.

It’s about crafting a space that feels just right for your crowd while staying real to who you are. Brynn’s all in for a holistic vibe, offering more than just the norm. We’re talking acupuncture and nature walks – because healing’s not one-size-fits-all.

And get this, we’re not tossing client wishes to the wind. When they holler for a recipe database, we’re on it. It’s feedback gold, and we’re all about making those improvements count.

The lowdown? Every pinch of feedback has its place, and we’re shaping up a thoughtfully stitched program here. Because let’s face it, consistency is the secret sauce for a rocking community.

Step Three: Remember That Less Is More

More stuff doesn’t mean more value. That’s our mantra when dreaming up the ideal member experience. Brynn and I chewed over ditching the info dump in favor of stuff that actually sticks – think astrology workshops and juicy monthly challenges tailored for life after breast cancer.

We’re all about those quarterly surprises and tying each month together with a neat little theme. It’s not just about filling space; it’s about crafting moments that light a spark and keep the flame burning in our community.

Truthfully,  bombarding your community with content isn’t the goal. Nope. Instead, we sprinkle in fresh, zesty bits like new recipes every month, without piling on the pressure. It’s about hitting that sweet spot – offering enough to engage and excite but not so much that it’s overwhelming.

And let me tell you, shifting gears from a content factory to a community sanctuary is where it’s at. We’re talking about replacing the endless scroll with real, enriching experiences that nourish the soul and foster a sense of belonging.

The big takeaway? Simplify to amplify. Our members are looking for that cozy spot where they can find both accountability and a sense of peace without the heavy lifting. Because at the end of the day, it’s those meaningful, shared experiences that weave us together, not the stack of unread PDFs cluttering up the digital space.

Step Four: Invite Folks Into Your Program

Brynn will design a ‘What’s Next’ program for power group graduates. It’s all about keeping that momentum going and using the precious feedback everyone shared. 

Brynn will re-invite folks from her last power group. It’s all about deepening those already strong ties and making sure everyone feels right at home. Plus, we’re keen on growing her community the right way – keeping it intimate but also welcoming new faces.

The program will open with flexible terms. Members can jump in and stay as long as it fills their cup. This way, it’s custom-built with thoughtful pacing, setting invites around weeks 10, 11, and 12 using proven strategies to make joining a breeze and really feel like a personalized invite.

The plan is all about keeping it personal and thriving. It’s not just about signing up; it’s about weaving into a community where you feel valued and seen, with plenty of room to grow together.

Blend Virtual Connection With Real-World Magic

Brynn and I talked about picking the right online spots for her community. Sticking with familiar platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook really ups the engagement without the fuss – because let’s face it, nobody wants another password to remember!

We’ve also got some fresh ideas brewing, like blending in-person retreats with online magic to spice things up. 


And here’s a nugget you don’t wanna miss: naming the program in a way that’s simple yet snappy to give everyone a clear heads-up that it’s something special. We’re all about keeping our community tight and lively, so we’re pondering things like a three-month minimum stay to keep the vibes consistent and supportive.

Curious about how we tie all these threads together and design a membership that’s as inviting as a warm hug? Well, check out the full podcast episode where we unpack all these insights and more!