#123 : Design a program that will actually sell
with Jodi Geline 


Episode at a Glance

Today, let’s take our conversation about mini courses even further.

My guest today is Jodi Geline who helps women eliminate bloat once and for all.

Jodi healed her own chronic bloat and IBS years ago and it was then that she realized how important mindset, inner work, and spiritual healing are to your health.

And this message is one Jodi works to share with her clients.

But here’s the thing… Jodi knows A LOT. She’s studied A LOT. And… it’s been a long time since she struggled with bloating, digestion or any of the other things she helps her clients heal from.

So, when Jodi and I sat down to design a mini course for her audience, we had to work pretty hard to focus in on a tangible outcome for her mini course.

We kept going too broad and the secret to a valuable mini course – one that keeps people coming back for more – is traction.

You’ve gotta give your clients a clear win in your mini course.

If you don’t, it’s really hard to sell and it may even work against your goal of using the mini course to upsell folks into a larger offer.

Why? Because if they can’t succeed with the first, baby program, why one earth would they feel capable of going all in?

So, Jodi and I dug in to ensure that the topics she chose for her mini courses accomplish these three goals:

1. Set folks up for an easy win.

2. Give them a real taste of what it’s like to work with Jodi

3. Easily lead to Jodi’s signature program

If you’ve got mini courses on your mind, you’ll love today’s conversation!


Jodi Geline
Jodi Geline


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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