#217 : How To Fall In Love With Selling
with Betsy Seybolt 


Episode at a Glance

Betsy Seybolt wants more clients, but she’s nervous she won’t be able to deliver on her promises once a client hires her. Dallas shares a framework to help Betsy release her self doubt and trust her abilities as a coach. That way, she can fall in love with selling and enroll clients without feeling conflicted or afraid.

Key Takeaways

  • Reframe Doubt as Inexperience: Replacing self-doubt with the understanding that it’s simply a lack of experience can reduce self-judgment and create a more positive mindset towards learning and growth.
  • Use Narration to Build Trust: Narrating your thoughts and feelings during both client and sales conversations can build trust and transparency, showing clients your genuine intention to serve and support them.
  • Set Clear Expectations: Being transparent about the sales process from the outset helps potential clients feel respected and prepared, creating a more grounded and open conversation.
  • Gamify Sales and Set Micro Goals: Break down the sales process into smaller, manageable goals. Focus on specific skills to cultivate during sales calls, such as consistency, holding silence, and responding to objections. This approach makes the process more enjoyable and helps track progress beyond just closing sales.
  • Center the Client to Love Selling: Shift the focus from personal performance to advocating for the client’s success. This involves understanding their needs, addressing their concerns, and providing value through transparent and empathetic communication. By centering the client, sales become a service-oriented activity rather than a self-centered task.

Timestamps & Key Topics
[00:36] Betsy shares her discomfort with selling despite her marketing skills
[01:16] Discussion on the difference between marketing and selling
[02:28] Betsy expresses her fear of not getting sales right and delivering value
[04:10] Dallas reframes “doubt” to “inexperience” to alleviate self-judgment
[05:14] Discussion on Betsy’s tactical concerns with selling
[07:18] Dallas helps Betsy create a template for managing capacity and delivering value
[10:13] The power of narration in client and sales conversations
[13:29] How to handle objections with narration and curiosity
[15:41] Discussion on how to sustain momentum in booking sales calls
[18:03] An approach to transparency and setting expectations with potential clients
[19:15] Setting micro goals to cultivate sales skills
[21:31] Betsy and Dallas discuss the skill of maintaining consistency in sales calls
[22:27] Betsy shares a strategy she uses to talk about her coaching with potential clients
[23:04] Advice on making practice sales calls realistic
[25:44] How to find joy in the sales process
[26:50] The importance of centering the client during the sales process
[28:48] Distinction between politeness and kindness during the sales process
[30:45] Advice on working outside your comfort zone


Betsy Seybolt
Betsy Seybolt


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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Episode Highlights

Tackling Your Inner Critic

This episode addresses the quiet fear many coaches feel when we enroll a new client or roll out a new offer. What if I won’t be able to deliver? What if I can’t actually help this client the way they want me to?  

That was the fear holding today’s guest back from actively selling. Betsy Seybolt is a coach who believes that mindset is everything and she works to help you find time for yourself and stop your negative thinking. 

And even though she’s a pro at helping others overcome negative thinking, she had some of her own worries to work through during our episode. Although Betsy has a ton of life experience, her coaching business is pretty new. Which means she hasn’t worked with paying clients yet.  

So a part of Betsy worried that she would not be able to serve her clients fully once they hired her. And it’s really difficult to sell coaching if you don’t quite believe in it. But Betsy’s got so much evidence in her life to prove that she is capable of holding a coaching container that can indeed deliver. 

She just needed a new perspective. This is exactly what we worked toward during our conversation where I helped Betsy understand the difference between doubt and inexperience.  

Fall In Love With Selling

Selling can feel like a high-wire act but it’s also where growth happens. Doubting yourself is normal, but it’s not a showstopper. Instead, it’s a sign you’re ready to take on new challenges.

If you’re sweating about delivering results post-sale, it’s time to flip the script. Ensuring you can deliver is actually the secret sauce to start to fall in love with selling. Walking your talk matters, and when you do, both your confidence and your sales stats will climb.

Ever freeze up during a tough moment? Take a cue from parenting. You’d give it time and research, right? Apply that to your client chats. It’s a game-changer. Being real and taking a timeout can strengthen client bonds and ignite your selling passion.

Mastering sales is less about knowing it all and more about being genuine. Admitting you need a beat to find the best answer? That’s gold. It’s about making promises you can keep and finding solutions at your own pace. That’s selling with heart.

Your skill set can always grow, and every call can be a chance to improve. Set small goals, embrace the learning curve, and before you know it, you’re not just hitting targets, you’re enjoying the ride. 

Simplifying The Sales Game

To make selling your BFF, sprinkle daily sales tasks and a weekly mock sales call into your routine. Keeping at it every single day is the magic formula for getting better and pulling in more clients. And those practice calls? They’re your golden ticket to staying sharp and savvy. 

But don’t take it easy during those rehearsals. Invite the tough stuff, like the classic “I can’t afford it” objection. It’s all about building muscle for the real deal.

By weaving sales into your daily and weekly grind, you may even start to enjoy the process and fall in love with selling too!

Now, onto enjoying those sales calls. The trick? Focus on the client, not on yourself. It’s not about pushing for the sake of sales and genuinely wanting to make life better for them. When you see selling as a way to care and nurture, it transforms from a chore to a pleasure.

And let’s get real about kindness in sales. It’s not about sugarcoating or skirting around the tough conversations. Sometimes, being kind means being honest and pushing your clients toward what’s good for them (even if they’re not thrilled about it at first). Selling with a heart means aligning your pitch with what genuinely benefits the client, including giving that nudge when they need it.

By treating sales with a blend of persistence, focus on client success, and honest guidance, not only do you get better at it, but it also becomes a highlight of your day.  

Navigating Growth and Comfort Zones

Jumping out of my comfort zone? That’s kind of my thing. I’m not one to shy away from growth, even when it’s uncomfortable. 

Let’s face it, we’re either growing or staying still. And for me, staying still is its own kind of uncomfortable. But it’s not about just powering through or doing things for the sake of it. Sometimes, it’s about choosing how we want to be uncomfortable. 

Do we want to grow, or do we need a moment to pause? Regular check-ins with ourselves help steer us in the right direction, letting us take actions that align with our goals, not just because we feel we “have to.”

And when pushing into new territory, I don’t just charge in blindly. I prep for it. Because when we’re stepping into growth, it’s smart to also look at where else in our lives we can balance the scale. Maybe it’s about dialing back somewhere so we can lean in where it counts.

For those of you stepping into something big, like diving into client work, remember to celebrate each little step forward. These mini milestones are indicators that you’re moving in the right direction. 

And if you’re gearing up to fall in love with selling, you might not start out loving it. But focusing on your clients, not just your success, might just change your perspective.

So, if you’re gearing up for a season of growth, remember – it’s all about how you want to feel throughout the process. Let that guide your moves, and maybe, just like Betsy, you’ll find yourself signing that client and realizing you’ve grown in ways you didn’t expect.

I do want to say that about two weeks after we recorded, our friend Betsy signed a client. So, something shifted from our conversation. And I hope you experience a shift as well. 

If you ever worry you don’t have what it takes, this episode is for you.