#72 : 3 non gross ways to close more sales
with Dallas Travers 


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I am flying solo today because I want to talk about Three Non Gross Ways to Close More Sales in 2022.

If you’ve listened to more than a few episodes of this show, you’ve probably heard the topic of Client Surge come up when I’m coaching Hive members. It comes up often because, depending on how you look at it, it’s the first or second major milestone that Hive members cross.

And it’s a proven formula to find clients, right?

In my opinion, It’s really the simplest and most authentic path to find clients, especially when starting out. So while I normally only offer Client Surge inside the Hive, I see how many of you need this system, almost as a way to give yourself permission to go all in on a full year of mentorship with me.

So this December, I am going to open enrollment for Client Surge.

Now, whether you decide to join me inside Client Surge or not, please mark your calendar for December 14th because Client Surge enrollment is going to kick off with a special free workshop called Clients from Scratch. You can grab your spot at Clients from Scratch right now by heading to dallastravers.com/clients.
So inside of that workshop, we’re going to cover a lot of ground, which is why I wanted to record this solo episode.

I have a lot to say about how values driven coaches can find more clients more easily, and it all can’t fit into one workshop.

So specifically today, I’m going to share three tools to utilize inside of a discovery session or a sales conversation to help you feel great, really serve your clients and also enroll more clients.

So before we dive into the episode, go to dallastravers.com/clients to get in on Clients from Scratch happening on December 14th. It’s designed to set the foundation to help you find more perfect match clients in 2022. Once you’ve done that, come on back and hit play on this episode to follow along as I share Three Non Gross Ways to Close More Sales and find more clients.


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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