#74 : Are you sales avoidant?
with Annie P. Ruggles 


Episode at a Glance

I’m sure most of us can agree that as much as we love coaching, selling can often feel like a necessary evil. And because we don’t love selling, we don’t practice and therefore, we don’t ever get better at selling. 

But what if you could transform your sales avoidance into a passion for selling?  

Sounds like a big leap, doesn’t it?  

My guest today is Annie P Ruggles who says she was the single most sales avoidant coach for years – even though she was a marketing consultant.  

Annie watched too many heart-centered businesses struggle to sell. Even her clients who had flawless marketing, but zero selling skills because they modeled Annie – who as I mentioned was completely sales avoidant. 

So, Annie had to redefine selling for herself, unlearn all the behaviors that felt out of integrity, and fall in love with the true art of selling in order to help her own business, as well as serve her clients. 

Today, Annie and I talk about how to overcome sales avoidance and we even compare notes of our separate approaches to sales conversations. 

No matter how comfortable (or uncomfortable) you are asking for the sale, you’ll gain some valuable insight from our conversation. So, with that… let’s dive into the episode.




Annie P. Ruggles
Annie P. Ruggles


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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