#215 : Is Your Marketing Message Honest Enough?
with Angela Beeching 
headshot of guest Angela Beeching for her "is your marketing message honest enough?" podcast episode


Episode at a Glance

Music Career Coach, Angela Beeching wants to be more authentic, purposeful, and perhaps contrarian as she aims to make her marketing message honest. But she’s not sure how to do it or whether it’s a wise move for her coaching business. Dallas Travers coaches Angela through the conversation and to an empowered choice to speak her truth in her marketing.

Key Takeaways

  • Align Your Marketing with Your Core Truth: The importance of infusing your marketing with the deeper truths you help clients uncover thus making a more authentic and impactful message
  • Narrate Your Journey: Using a narrative approach to connect practical advice with deeper truths, making the content more engaging and meaningful for the audience
  • Use the Awareness Ladder: Understanding where your clients are on the awareness ladder can help tailor your messaging to guide them from being problem-aware to solution-aware and preparing them for coaching success
  • Use the Fourth Wall Technique: Narrating practical advice with deeper truths can connect with the audience on a more meaningful level, speeding up their journey up the awareness ladder
  • Practice Truthful Conversations: Being honest about the deeper work involved in coaching can help potential clients understand the full scope of the journey

Timestamps & Key Topics
[01:01] Angela shares her experience as a Hive member and the benefits of community calls
[02:18] Dallas and Angela discuss the goals for today’s coaching session
[04:56] The disconnect in Angela’s marketing and her desire to align it with her deeper purpose
[06:17] Angela explains the spiritual aspect of her work with musicians and the challenges she faces
[08:06] Dallas reflects on Angela’s need to lean into her core message in her marketing
[09:19] Identifying the gap in Angela’s marketing and her struggle to fully express her truth
[13:13] Practical ways for Angela to practice integrating her truth into her marketing
[16:12] Angela shares an example highlighting her coaching philosophy
[17:53] The challenge of distilling complex truths into a marketing message
[20:55] Dallas explains the awareness ladder and its relevance to Angela’s ideal client
[23:10] The balance between concrete goals and deeper truths in marketing
[25:53] The long journey of client readiness and the role of truthful messaging
[27:00] Using the fourth wall technique to bridge practical advice and deeper truths
[32:32] Dallas’s suggestions for catchphrases and a truth audit for Angela’s content
[37:22] Attracting clients who are hiding from their work and addressing their readiness
[39:00] Practicing truthful conversations with potential clients [41:00] Truthfulness audit and next steps for Angela


Angela Beeching
Angela Beeching


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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Episode Highlights

The Evolution Of Authentic Marketing

Part of building a business you’re proud of is giving yourself permission to take an authentic stance about your work and the path your dream clients walk down.  

Sometimes taking a firm stance feels easy and inspiring.  Other times… it’s tricky. 

What is it I really want to say?
Will people even get it? 

And if they do, will they get it enough to want to hire me?

Those were the questions my guest, Angela Beeching brought to the conversation today. 

Angela helps musicians get more of their best work out into the world so they can become the artists they are meant to be. She’s worked as a coach for many years and over that time, her confidence, her methodology, and her motivation have evolved. 

But Angela’s marketing message hasn’t completely kept up with that evolution. So we put our heads together today to help Angela lean into her stance and identify the message underneath her message.  

If you’d like to make your marketing message honest, this episode is for you. 

Harmonizing Inner Truth With External Reach

Angela understands that her business isn’t just about bookings and talent – it’s a soulful journey for her clients. But her marketing hasn’t echoed this deeper meaning.

Making your marketing message honest is about lighting up the personal spark in your pitch. 

Perhaps you are also searching for harmony between your inner truth and how you project it to the world. If your marketing’s falling flat, it’s time for some soul-searching. 

Embrace your truth, share it unapologetically, and watch your business soar. Your true value shines when you’re upfront and real. Get honest to get noticed. That’s the kind of marketing message that sticks.

Why Your Unique Story Sells

Angela hit on something big: honesty in your marketing message isn’t just avoiding fibs. It’s about embracing your authentic, maybe a tad quirky, self fully. And diving into your unique story, even if it feels out there, is what people dig.

We also touched on the idea that reaching your goals, especially in creative paths, isn’t a one-and-done deal. Doubts, fears? They’re part of the journey. But making your marketing message honest and really you are the game changer.

Sitting on some “out there” content ideas? Maybe it’s time to dust them off. Evaluate them through a lens of authenticity. Chances are, they’re just the vibes the world needs from you. It’s about staying true and impactful.

So keep your marketing message honest. It’s all about being real and that’s the way forward.

Making Your Marketing Message Honest

If your marketing doesn’t reflect the boldest, most honest part of you, then you’re not fully showcasing what you bring to the table. 

Angela felt this firsthand. The inconsistency in her messaging stemmed from not fully owning her truth. This led her to decide on a “truthfulness audit” for her content, aiming to make sure everything she puts out vibrates with her authentic self.

It’s a bit daunting to wear your truth on your sleeve, but oh, it’s freeing. Angela’s courage to share her process not only highlights the importance of vulnerability in marketing but also sets a model for creating a marketing message that truly stands out.

Our discussion proved revealing on many levels, demonstrating the profound impact of being honest in your marketing. It’s more than a strategy; it’s about sharing your story and truth vividly.

So, for anyone curious about the might of authenticity or thinking of doing your own truth check, dive into our episode. It’s all about getting real and letting the genuine you shine through.