#178 : Four steps to attract your dream client with the right message
with Jessica Raaum Foster 


Episode at a Glance

Finding clients is one thing. Keeping them is another. Especially when the work you do is so powerful that folks feel like they’re fixed after only 4 coaching sessions.

That was the case for Jessica Raaum Foster who realized that in order to really have the impact (and the income) she craves, she needs to redesign her offer and refocus her niche.

If you worry that nobody will actually be interested in investing in your coaching program, this episode will help you re-evaluate your dream client, the offer they really need, and the message to call them in.

In this episode, Dallas and Jessica cover:

  • An honest conversation about the type of client whose willing and able to invest in coaching for the long haul
  • An audit of Jessica’s content and message to ensure it aligns with her target audience.
  • How to turn a nice to have offer into a give it to me know program


A Bit About Jessica
Jessica Raaum Foster helps people get out of pain and improve performance by teaching them how to play with their brains. I’ve actually worked with Jessica and her methods are pretty mind blowing.

Jessica came into our conversation feeling really clear about who her dream client actually is. And also pretty clear that she hasn’t been delivering a clear message or offer that aligns with that same dream client.

So, the two of us put our heads together to design a simple, scalable program that Jessica’s dream client will not only leap toward, but they’ll also want to stay for the long haul.

Then, we identified gaps in Jessica’s message plus a framework to fill those gaps so she could take her shiny new offer to the streets.

Whether you’re crystal clear about your dream client or not, this episode will reveal four essential steps to ensure that your marketing message and your offer both align with the clients you want to attract.


Jessica Raaum Foster
Jessica Raaum Foster


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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