#124 : Does your marketing confuse people?
with Emily Taradash 


Episode at a Glance

What are you known for?

When it comes to your work as a coach, how would your audience complete this sentence?

Oh… I know them… they’re the _______ coach.

That blank… is really important.  And if your marketing is at all confusing, you’ll get a different answer to that exercise from every person you ask.

Especially if you have a wide range of expertise.

And, if your audience is confused about what it is you do… they’re going to be confused about whether or not to hire you.

But there’s good news here. And don’t worry… I’m not about to tell you to niche down to only serve millennial college grads who work in advertising and want a new career… or women in their sixties coming out of a divorce who want to lose 20 or more pounds.

That may be your target audience, but it’s not your niche and it won’t be what you’re known for.

What you’re known for is your process. Your signature system. Your unique method.

And when you can communicate your unique method in your marketing, people get it.

Plus, you don’t feel boxed in or like a broken record talking about the same thing over and over again in your marketing.

That’s what Emily Taradash learned in today’s episode. You see, Emily loves to help people in a variety of ways. Whether it’s relationships, confidence, or career, Emily is your coach.

But this variety created confusion for her audience and I worried that folks would assume Emily was just confused.

Which is the opposite of what was really going on for her.

So, she and I let go of the shallow approach to niche and messaging and instead clarified her unique process. Which applies to relationships, confidence and career.

And it’s that process that Emily can be known for.  Which gives her freedom to share a wide variety of expertise but link them all back to her clear process.

And just like that… people understand.

So… if the idea of niching ever leaves you feeling limited or you worry that your marketing might actually confuse folks… get ready to take some notes because this conversation is just what the doctor ordered.

Let’s get into it.


Emily Taradash
Emily Taradash


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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