#208 : Your Rinse + Repeat List Building Plan
with Amy Goldmacher 
headshot of guest Amy Goldmacher for her "Your rinse and repeat list building plan" podcast episode


Episode at a Glance

List building is the never ending task most coaches resist. Yet, it’s the thing that gives every coach options down the road. So in this episode, Amy Goldmacher asked Dallas to help her design a rinse and repeat list building process she can follow week after week and month after month.

Key Takeaways

  • Data-Driven Optimization: Tracking key data points such as landing page visits, email open rates, and conversion rates is essential for evaluating lead magnet effectiveness and refining marketing strategies.
  • Contextual Clarity: Providing clear context and value proposition on lead magnet landing pages reinforces desired beliefs in potential clients and encourages opt-ins.
  • Consistent List-Building Habits: Implementing a repeatable monthly plan for lead magnet promotion, including subscriber referrals, social media highlights, and targeted marketing efforts, fosters steady audience growth and engagement.
  • Authentic Direct Messaging: Be transparent and concise when reaching out to followers about your lead magnet. Focus on providing value rather than pushing for a sale.
  • Four-Week Promotion Plan: Implement a structured approach to promote your lead magnet, including subscriber sharing, social media posts, direct messaging, and lead magnet swaps.
  • Segmentation for Effective Communication: Tag subscribers appropriately to segment your email list based on interests or preferences, allowing for targeted promotional efforts in the future.

Timestamps & Key Topics
[00:22] Introduction and setting the agenda
[01:07] Tracking data points for lead magnet effectiveness
[05:15] Amy describes her audience and services
[06:00] Overview of Amy’s lead magnet concept
[11:00] Review of Amy’s landing page
[17:42] Exploration of Amy’s current lead magnet marketing efforts
[19:18] Four-step monthly list-building plan
[21:18] Leveraging social media platforms for lead magnet promotion
[22:44] Using direct messaging for sharing lead magnets
[27:43] Dallas outlines a four-week lead magnet promotion plan
[29:55] Segmenting your email list for different audiences
[33:08] Reviewing Amy’s action items
[34:25] Dallas and Amy discuss accountability for implementing the strategy and measuring success

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Amy Goldmacher
Amy Goldmacher


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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Episode Highlights

The Quest for a Solid List-Building Strategy

My guest today is Amy Goldmacher. She helps aspiring nonfiction authors go from book idea to proposal, to draft to get to a publishable book. Her clients are often experts who need help taking all of their expertise and putting it into a book. 

Amy has a super fun lead magnet. It’s a bookmark that walks would-be writers through 4-ways to nail down the title of their book.  

What’s been missing for Amy is a concrete and repeatable strategy to actually get her lead magnet out in the world.  

Not only to build her list, but to test the effectiveness of her lead magnet marketing, opt-in page conversion, and how well the lead magnet converts to paying clients. 

So, Amy and I walk through 4 simple and repeatable ways she can start promoting her lead magnet and get more aspiring authors on her list. 

I know you can try out at least one of the strategies we discussed. 

Track Your Stats

Ever found yourself super jazzed about a lead magnet that just doesn’t stick the landing? What you probably need isn’t a new magnet – it’s a rock-solid list building plan to put it to work.

First order of business: Track your landing page conversion rate. You want 40% of landing page visitors to actually enter their name and email address to opt into your lead magnet. 

Then, check your email open rates. Over 20%? You’re in good shape. Below that, it’s SOS for your messaging.

Now, if you’re thinking, “Dallas, what if my opt-ins aren’t turning into customers?” I hear ya. The goal is to make sure every freebie-lover today is a client tomorrow. 

Remember, knowing the cold hard stats can warm up your sales. 

Present Your Lead Magnet’s Value

Talking to Amy, I could see her lead magnet, a bookmark designed to spark title brainstorming, lacked context. So, I suggested beefing it up with an intro that spells out the exercise’s value and an invitation to connect further at the end. It’s about giving potential clients a clearer path from “cool freebie” to “let’s work together.”

If your lead magnet’s not converting, don’t forget to look at the top of your funnel. It’s often not the magnet itself but how it’s presented. 

On your website, dedicate a landing page to it so it’s impossible to miss. Just like Amy, make it a single-action spot. For visitors, it should be all about the opt-in.

For me, it’s all about setting up habits rather than banking on big, one-off events, especially when it comes to your list building plan. I suggest a steady, month-to-month approach that feels doable rather than daunting. 

Imagine a strategy that’s not only effective but also feels like a breeze to maintain. Clarity and continuous effort trump perfection every single time.

Promote Your Lead Magnet

Last but not least, we’re launching into social media. Instagram is my personal fave, but this strategy works on them all. 

How about this: The first week of every month, use one Instagram post to promote your lead magnet. You can make versions for other platforms, too – as long as it’s manageable for you.

And remember the power of the humble DM. Just be real, clear, and honest with your message. “Hey, do you need help brainstorming book titles? I can fire over a link if you’re interested!” 

A little transparency can go a long way to earn trust.

Scared of being ignored or getting a “No, thanks”? No worries. We’re not aiming for a perfect score. This is about getting into a simple, doable habit. 

A Simple and Doable List Building Plan

Imagine having a simple, repeatable four-week process to get your lead magnet out there and grow your list. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Week 1: Encourage your current subscribers to share. It’s all about reaching new people.
  • Week 2: Time to post on social media. Highlight your lead magnet and let your organic posts do the talking.
  • Week 3: Try the DM strategy. It might sound a bit scary, but consider it a growth opportunity. Reach out in a personal and authentic way – no creepiness allowed!
  • Week 4: Lead magnet swap. Partner with others who serve a similar audience for mutual list building. It’s fun and beneficial for everyone involved.

So what do you think? Are you ready to revamp your list building plan with these steps? Let’s make your list grow, one week at a time.

Find Joy in the List Building Process

If you’re planning to kick off your list building plan, remember that it’s all about setting yourself up for success from the get-go. 

And, if it’s not fun or feels off, there’s always room to adjust. Maybe doubling up on those lead magnet swaps could be your jam?

Amy’s game to give it a try, and I’m here cheering her on! It’s about experimenting, finding what works, and also what brings joy to the process. Because if it’s making you miserable, it’s probably not worth it, right?

Watch the full episode and let’s get your list building on a winning streak. There’s a whole lot more we unpack about building a sustainable and enjoyable approach to growing your list. Trust me, it’s packed with actionable insights you won’t want to miss.