#205 : Your Ick-Free Lead Magnet Plan
with Nic Frick 
headshot of guest Nic Frick for her "your ick-free lead magnet plan" podcast episode


Episode at a Glance

Nic Frick understands the importance of building her list, but she doesn’t want to create a lead magnet that simply contributes to the noise and overwhelm her dream clients already experience. In this episode, Dallas helps her reframe her perspective about lead magnets and then develop an aligned lead magnet Nic can feel good about promoting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mindset Shift: Overcoming the negative perception of lead magnets
  • Clear Objectives: Defining the purpose of a lead magnet as empowering dream clients, creating traction toward their goals, and establishing trust in the coach
  • Client-Centric Approach: Understanding the challenges and aspirations of the target audience to tailor the lead magnet effectively
  • Simplicity Overload: Recognizing the importance of simplicity and focus in lead magnet creation to avoid overwhelming dream clients and hinder their progress
  • Scalability: Lead magnets should be scalable and easily accessible to cater to the audience’s needs
  • List Building Strategies: Quality over quantity, incorporating consent into communications to empower subscribers and build trust and align marketing strategies with personal values

Timestamps & Key Topics

[00:00] Setting goals for the coaching session
[03:33] Mindset Shift
[07:00] Nic describes her target audience
[07:58] Three purposes of a lead magnet
[12:07] Identifying the initial problem
[14:52] Creating a lead magnet that addresses challenges and aspirations of the target audience
[17:50] Dallas shares possible steps for creating a template/process for Nic’s lead magnet
[21:45] Best format for lead magnet delivery and need for scalability

[23:30] Refinement of lead magnet delivery method, focusing on simplicity and ease of access
[26:37] Quality over quantity discussion
[30:27] Importance of clarity
[34:33] Incorporating consent into communications to empower subscribers
[37:25] Importance of aligning marketing strategies with values

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Nic Frick
Nic Frick


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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Episode Highlights

Start Your Lead Magnet Plan Now So You Can Scale Later 

List building is something a lot of coaches put on the back burner because they’re overwhelmed or unsure about the best strategies to implement. And yet, list building is the crucial step you must embrace if you ever want to expand beyond 1:1 coaching.

I don’t want you to wait until you’re ready to launch a course before you start to build your list.  List building takes some time, so set yourself up for success NOW by making it a priority in your business. 

Nic Frick helps new moms find the right fit job they actually want so that they can add more joy and ease to their lives. Nic came into our conversation feeling like lead magnets are gross. She was unsure about how to deliver a truly valuable lead magnet without being overwhelming. 

First, we worked to design the right lead magnet for her business model and her values (AND aligns with what her dream clients NEED first). 

And here’s the cool thing… After we got really clear about the intention and design of her lead magnet, most of Nic’s icky feelings about lead magnets just evaporated. 

Crafting a Lead Magnet that Nudges and Nurtures

How can your lead magnet be truly helpful? It’s all about balance. Offer something that nudges your audience in the right direction but doesn’t overwhelm them. 

For Nic, it’s about empowering women, especially new moms, to set boundaries and prioritize what matters. What if her lead magnet encouraged new moms to drop what drains them, just for a week? Imagine the space that could create for the stuff that lights them up.

An effective lead magnet plan is more than just a way to boost your email list. It’s about starting a meaningful journey with your dream client. And maybe it’s about being the guide they’ve been searching for all along.

Finding Your Lead Magnet Sweet Spot

Ever had an “Aha!” moment that felt like finding the last piece of a puzzle? That’s the sweet spot your lead magnet plan should hit. 

Skip the overwhelm, will ya? Piling up tasks on someone’s full plate doesn’t help. Just one helpful nudge can get things rolling. Like Nic’s client who reclaimed her lunch break – simple, but it sparked real change.

Let’s shrink that idea into a lead magnet. Not a flood of forms, but a nifty tool that makes you think, “I’ll try this today.” 

Maybe it’s a quirky checklist or a thought-provoking question, but it’s brief and packs a punch. It’s about a tiny brave step that freshens up your day, or hey, your life. 

A lead magnet is easy to crack open and an eye-opener. And who knows, it might be just the thing to kick off your next big thing. 

Got an idea that could be your game-changer?

Rethinking Your Lead Magnet Plan

Nic and I had a blast tearing down those old, icky feelings and rebuilding something way cooler. Imagine offering something so valuable and genuine that it feels like a true gift. 

Real transformation doesn’t come from just downloading a PDF. It’s about the action, the steps you take, and the support you get along the way. Nic shared how creating boundaries and saying yes to what truly matters can cause a ripple effect of positive change. And isn’t that the kind of gift worth giving?

The real magic happens when there’s no giant asterisk next to your offer. It’s not about luring folks in only to bombard them with sales pitches. It’s about providing value, whether they buy from you or not. That shift? It wipes away any “ick factor” from lead magnets.

And consent – let’s talk about that. It’s all about letting your people know they’re in control. 

Remind them they can opt-out, and not in some sneaky way hidden in the footer. Be upfront. This builds trust and gives your audience the freedom to choose what’s right for them. Being transparent about your intentions, whether you’re selling something or sharing a piece of advice, strengthens that trust even more.

So, if you’re feeling stuck on how to make your lead magnet genuinely helpful and aligned with your values, start by putting your client’s needs first. Think about how you can share a piece of yourself in your gift. It’s not just about what you’re giving but how you’re giving it.

Our chat today was all about turning the lead magnet on its head, making it something you’re proud to offer, and something your audience is thrilled to receive. It all begins with putting your client first. If you find yourself staring at a blank screen and getting overwhelmed anytime you sit down to design your lead magnet, this episode is a must-watch.