#198 : 3 Ways to Leverage IG to Build Your List
with Allyn Miller 


Episode at a Glance

Parenting Coach, Allyn Miller wants help designing a simple Instagram strategy to build her email list and find more paying clients. Dallas Travers helps her design a plan using ManyChat auto DMs, sharing sales and invitations more directly, and collaborating with other coaches who share her target audience

Key Takeaways

  • Direct DM Strategy: Use a direct approach in IG DMs to offer valuable resources and engage potential clients effectively.
  • Automate with ManyChat: Implement ManyChat to automate responses and simplify the lead magnet delivery process.
  • Speak Client Language: Use the language that resonates with potential clients, addressing the specific problems they want to solve.
  • Simplify Content: Create content that is concise and easy to understand.
  • IG Story Swaps: Consider collaborating with others in your niche or related niches for story swaps to grow your audience mutually.
  • Relationship-Based Growth: Focus on building relationships and trust rather than relying solely on algorithms.


Timestamps & Key Topics

[00:00] Introduction
[00:17] Dallas and Allyn discuss how she became a guest on the podcast
[03:28] Allyn shares her current marketing challenges
[06:18] Allyn shares her current IG strategy
[09:37] Use of ManyChat for DM conversations
[14:11] Streamlining the process by simplifying your message
[16:27] Lead magnets and their effectiveness
[19:32[ Crafting the DM Welcome Message
[26:55] Using the Bot in ManyChat/setting up a template for automated DM responses
[30:11] Enhancing engagement using IG
[34:44] Using a direct approach in IG Stories to build relationships and grow your email list
[35:46] Use of IG Story Swaps
[42:27] Sustainability of the Plan

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  • ManyChat – an IG approved bot/app to use for messaging on IG DMs
  • The #1 tool for Moms to Keep Cool – A free tool from Allyn Miller to teach you how to stop exploding at your kids and keep your cool.
  • LeadMagnetMagic – Stop Wasting Valuable Marketing Time Playing Around in Canva and Give Your Audience What They Really Need Instead.


Allyn Miller
Allyn Miller


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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Episode Highlights

If you’ve ever wondered how to leverage Instagram to connect with your coaching clients and grow your email list, buckle up because we are going to dive deep into it today with my podcast guest, Allyn Miller.

Allyn helps stressed moms survive and thrive in every meltdown whether it’s their child’s or their own.

Even though Allyn spent a lot of time marketing on Instagram and nurturing her email list. That darn list just wasn’t growing. 

Which is where we began.

Can You Leverage Instagram to Get More Email Subscribers?

If your Instagram bumps but your email list stays flat, you probably ask yourself, “Can I use Instagram to grow my email list?” This direction could be your business’ growth catalyst and may even get several new clients on your list daily. 

Sounds dreamy, right? 

Let’s decode how to simplify and make Allyn’s Instagram strategies more client-centric so she can build her list and find more coaching clients

STEP ONE: Honest and On-Point DM Strategy

Instagram-Approved Chat Bot, ManyChat can help streamline your DM strategy so you can build your email list. 

As a values-driven coach, it’s essential that you center the client… even in the DMs. 

Allyn’s DM routine was pretty convoluted. They could be direct and automated, making it easier for Allyn and her followers to interact. In Allyn’s case, she could connect with her followers instantly about her lead magnet.

ManyChat carries the baton here, taking over when a potential client interacts. With a friendly greeting and a clear statement of Allyn’s mission that she’s an expert at helping stressed moms manage reactions with their kids, the foundation of trust is set. 

Allyn is here to help moms navigate emotional eruptions, all so no mom has to yell out of stress anymore, period! This well-thought-out, DM approach aims to leverage Instagram effectively, paving the path to increase client engagement.

Here’s how Allyn will work ManyChat: A couple of days after a new follower finds her, they get a straight-to-the-point, client-centered message welcoming them and asking if they’d like a resource (a-hem… her lead magnet). 

Once they reply, ManyChat swoops in to take followers through a quick series of DMs where they ultimately land on her email list. 

STEP TWO: Sell More Directly 

There’s no need to hide your CTA at the bottom of a very long caption.  

Think about it. Allyn’s audience consists of moms on the brink. They’re juggling life and have zero time to jump through hoops. They’re in desperate need of a secure, empathetic space where they can take a deep breath and say: “Finally, someone gets it.”

And that’s precisely what your straightforward posts offering up your super valuable lead magnet can deliver. Realness. Rawness. Relevance.

STEP THREE: Story Swaps

Here’s how: Focus on one strategic partnership each month, complemented with weekly content planning. That’s how you’ll expand your reach and grow that precious email list consistently.

Bottom Line 

Direct DMs, sterling collaborations, and streamlined content are the ingredients for an irresistible system to charm those new email subscribers.

You can leverage Instagram to find more clients and build your list.  Start by automating your DM strategy with ManyChat, build in IG Story Swaps with aligned colleagues, and practice being much more direct with your Calls to Action. 

Good luck out there!