#204 : Fill Your Membership With This Old-School Strategy
with Jolea Payne 
headshot of guest Jolea Payne for her "fill your membership with this old-school strategy" podcast episode


Episode at a Glance

Dallas Travers helps Jolea Payne turn referral marketing into a game – Tupperware Party Style and map a plan to double the size of her membership program.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding Membership Dynamics: Recognize the motivations behind why people join memberships, courses, or masterminds, and tailor your approach accordingly to foster community, learning, or proximity.
  • Creating Urgency with Generosity: Utilize legitimate urgency by offering time-bound incentives, such as “bring a friend” offers, to drive engagement and conversions without compromising value.
  • Simplicity in Systems: Streamline processes and messaging to minimize complexity and maximize efficiency, ensuring a seamless experience for both members and organizers.
  • Collective Engagement: Leverage the power of collective energy and shared deadlines to encourage group participation and decision-making, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support.
  • Craft Clear Invitations: Ensure clarity and manage expectations in your membership program invitations to attract the right audience.
  • Transparency in Enrollment: Be transparent about enrollment processes, including payment methods and cancellation policies, to build trust with potential members.
  • Engagement Strategies: Utilize gamification and goal-setting in your marketing to encourage engagement and support from your audience.

Timestamps & Key Topics
[00:00] Context of the Episode
[02:41] Importance of Understanding Your Audience
[04:42] Understanding Differences Between Memberships, Courses and Masterminds
[09:45] Goal Setting and Invitation Strategy
[20:05] Experiential Marketing and Invitation Messaging
[21:48] Simplifying Systems and Messaging and Maintaining Spaciousness
[25:28] Craft Clear Invitations
[28:57] Enrollment Process
[30:46] Sales Email Sequence
[38:55] Engagement Strategies


Jolea Payne
Jolea Payne


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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Episode Highlights

Amplify Your Community Impact

Today’s guest is Jolea Payne who holds healing space for black women and women of color leading social change. 

In episode 155, 7 Steps to Design Your Membership, Jolea and I mapped out a plan for her membership program. Since then, the membership is officially up and running and now that Jolea has left her day job to be the liberated leader she truly is, it’s time to grow her membership enrollment. 

One thing Jolea’s audience really craves is thought partnership and community. So, the two of us decided to take inspiration from two places to build out a marketing plan.

Tupperware Party Spirit

First inspiration? Tupperware parties. You know… bring a friend, we’ll have snacks, hang out, and buy some stuff for the kitchen together.  

Picture an old-timey Tupperware party infused with the energy of referral marketing. There’s a heartbeat for the warm camaraderie, diverse content, and close-knit familiarity. 

Choosing the right format for your audience is key. Forget just going for what’s easy or less pricey. Dive into giving the folks you serve exactly what they yearn for. 

Jolea’s twist: bring a buddy and both of you enjoy everything the membership offers without spending a dime. We’re talking full access to a world of thought leadership, support, and accountability. It’s a no-brainer way to dive into everything the membership offers and figure out if it’s your vibe.

We’re not going for numbers here. Think: more cozy corner cafe than a crowded club. A hundred folks, tops. It’s about the right fit, not just filling seats. That’s how we fill your coaching membership with stellar, like-minded folks. 

Fundraising Thermometers

The second inspiration? Fundraising thermometers we’ve all seen in the grocery store when the local high school is raising money to fund new computers for the science lab. 

So what’s the plan? A dose of transparency. 

Telling her community exactly what the goals are and inviting them to be a part of that journey. Think of it as Jolea’s own fundraiser thermometer, except it’s all heart, no pressure.

And while she could get wordy, she’ll trim and prep her messages to hit just right. Snappy, clear, and with a dash of excitement because there’s a spot with your name on it. Don’t you want to be part of the success as we cross the finish line together?

Let’s Fill Your Coaching Membership

It’s all about keeping things fresh, exciting, and most importantly, inclusive. It’s not just about getting members, it’s about gathering a tribe that resonates with your vibe. 

What I love about this brainstorm is how low-tech and inspiring it is. I think Jolea’s going to have a ton of fun rolling this out. 

Watch the full episode for more tips on how you can fill your coaching membership.