#200 : How to Overcome Objections During Sales Calls
with Emma Goodwin 


Episode at a Glance

Emma Goodwin joins Dallas Travers to develop a plan to increase her sales call conversion rate by overcoming objections and setting clear expectations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Set Time Expectations: During the application process, encourage potential clients to honor themselves by setting aside at least 60 minutes for the conversation, with 15 minutes allocated for enrollment if they decide to move forward.
  • Address Concerns Prior to the Call: Address concerns like cost and time in reminder emails to build trust and reassure clients.
  • Set The Stage: At the beginning of the sales/discovery call, set the stage with clear expectations to keep clients engaged.
  • Focus on Client Needs: Streamline your approach when inviting clients to become a client by focusing on their needs.
  • Only Give Information They Need: Towards the end of the call, give the client the information they are asking for and nothing more so that you can actually help them take this important first step.

Timestamps & Key Topics 

[00:00] Introduction and Emma explains her niche
[05:02] Emma discusses her difficulty in getting potential clients to commit to her program.
[07:37] Dallas suggests creating different expectations for clients to ensure they commit.
[08:46] Emma describes the communication between booking a discovery session until the time of the discovery session
[15:00] Emma and Dallas discuss the specific expectations she wants to set in the application process.
[16:21] Dallas and Emma determine issues to be addressed in reminder emails
[20:30] Dallas summarizes changes discussed thus far.
[21:46] Dallas and Emma discuss the actual discovery session layout
[24:40] Emma and Dallas discuss the current sales process and possible changes
[30:20] Dallas describes the process of centering the client
[31:00] Dallas summarizes the new layout of the sales process
[32:20] Dallas discusses how to handle client issues when closing the sales process
[35:12] Dallas summarizes the changes to Emma’s sales process



Emma Goodwin
Emma Goodwin


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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Episode Highlights

If you’ve ever had a potential client schedule a sales call with you only to cancel at the last minute, no-show completely, or show up unprepared to invest in coaching, this episode will be a huge game-changer for you. 

Today’s guest is Emma Goodwin and she helps exhausted parents feed their families Gut And Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) food without a big headache. It’s an eating protocol that can bring a ton of benefits to children in particular who face a wide range of mental, physical, and emotional challenges.  

Emma has no shortage of leads or interest in her work. But the parents who join her for a sales call don’t often convert into clients. Throughout this episode, Emma and I explore how she can create clear expectations, address concerns, and give these parents the help they need before the sales call happens. And, of course, what to say at the end of the call when it’s time to actually sell. 

If your sales calls don’t convert into clients regularly, keep listening because you’ll learn some simple adjustments you can make to sign more clients and know that you’re truly serving people. 

Easy Steps to Overcome Objections in Sales Calls

Emma’s been knocking it out of the park, reaching people left and right. But, have you ever wondered why some potential clients hit the brakes right before starting? Well, it’s time we finesse Emma’s sales strategy to smooth out those bumps.

Imagine setting the stage from the get-go so that when folks are on the verge of saying “yes,” they don’t freeze like a deer in headlights. We’re going to help them overcome objections before they even have a chance to bubble up.

Adjusting our chit-chat, from the initial “hello” to the final “let’s do this” can work wonders. Sure, no one wants to step on toes, but here’s the deal – sometimes, you gotta shake things up to make a real difference.

Starting On The Right Foot

Emma’s got to make it crystal clear that she gets it – taking that first leap is scary. We’re not talking bunny hill scary, we’re talking mountain-sized commitment. Now, what’s Emma’s magic recipe? The GAPS diet. But if they’re clueless about it, overwhelm sets in faster than a hiccup.

So here’s what I proposed: On that discovery call, Emma’s going to promise a smooth path right into the process. We’ll tackle those “Can I really do this?” doubts head-on. 

And hey, setting expectations isn’t just polite, it’s smart. Before anyone books a call, they should carve out time to dive deep. Because who wants to chat when they’re only half invested, right?

About those reminder emails – we’re talking success stories. Real folks, real wins. Plus, a side of budget-friendly tips to squash any “yikes, how pricy is this?” worries. By planting solutions, we can paddle past the cost and time concerns.

Cutting Through Concerns On The Call

If you’ve ever found yourself tongue-tied on a sales call, wondering how to mend those cost and commitment cracks, toss yourself into a candid convo about the dollars and cents right away. Set a friendly tone with those reminder emails, nudging about the investment and the value-packed time you’ll spend.

Here’s how I helped Emma break it down:

  • Start with a casual 15-minute chat about food frustrations.
  • Dish out some quick fixes.
  • Decide whether Emma’s your food fairy godmother and then, maybe, noodle over the next steps.

Laying it out upfront keeps those last-minute outs at bay and smothers signup stress from the get-go.

And when they say “I’m in!”, it’s all about the warm welcome. Show them the ropes, stick to the essentials, and keep them cool. That’s breezing through objections like it’s nothing.

The Takeaway: Sail Smoothly Past Sales Hitches

Everybody gets the jitters when the “money talk” comes up in a call. I’ve been there too. But here’s the kicker – it doesn’t stop at just paying up. It’s about getting the grand tour and feeling right at home from day one.

When push comes to shove, and that credit card detail screen stares them down, sometimes they’ll think of any excuse. We don’t rush. We’re here to iron out those brain wrinkles or soothe those gut worries.

Because let’s be honest, it’s not just about the sale. It’s about opening doors, hearts, and health for families. So, we’ve fine-tuned our reminder emails, crafted agendas that don’t scare you off, and given tours that answer your need-to-knows without the fluff.

That’s our strategy – coaching to overcome objections, not pushing to seal the deal.

So, what do you think? Ready to trade awkwardness for action and objections for confidence? Dive into the full podcast for the whole enchilada and get ready to change your sales game for good.