#199 : The Fear Of Success In Coaching
with Lyndsey Wilcken 
Lyndsey Wilcken and the Podcast Episode 199 Title "The Fear Of Success In Coaching"


Episode at a Glance

Dallas Travers helps health coach, Lyndsey Wilcken reframe the limiting beliefs that block her from building a successful coaching business. From the fear of success, unrealistic expectations about what it really takes to be successful, or overwhelm, these ideas quickly become distractions that can make the journey more challenging for any coach.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embracing the Unknown: Lyndsey learns to embrace the unknown as she commits more fully to her business and acknowledges that her kids are in a season where they require more of her, so she wants to find ways to balance being a present mother and an entrepreneur.
  • Defining Your Niche: Lyndsey’s journey showcases the importance of finding your true calling and niche in coaching, which may take time to discover.
  • Embrace Self-Compassion: Lyndsey learns the importance of replacing courage with self-compassion in her business journey. Being kinder to oneself can lead to greater success and personal growth.
  • Curiosity as a Superpower: Curiosity is highlighted as a powerful quality that can lead to self-discovery, personal transformation, and success in business.
  • Weekly Reflection: Dallas suggests a weekly reflection practice to gain fresh perspectives on one’s journey, fostering self-awareness and growth.
  • Authenticity and Modeling Success: Success leaves clues, and Lyndsey is encouraged to leverage her own transformation and success as a model for her coaching practice.

Timestamps & Key Topics
[00:00] Introduction
[00:10] Lyndsey’s journey and her experience with the Hive.
[01:20] Lyndsey’s initial hesitation and fear of taking action.
[03:00] Lyndsey’s desire to feel confident, grounded, centered, and reminded of the impact she can make.
[07:31] Lyndsey discusses her competing intentions between parenting and building her business.
[12:15] Dallas shares insights on the stages of a coaching business.
[16:16] Lyndsey’s realization of her true calling and the evolution of her coaching niche.
[19:00] Dallas suggests a weekly reflection practice for Lyndsey to gain fresh perspectives on her journey.
[23:10] Lyndsey and Dallas discuss the concept of courage and how it relates to business.
[27:21] Dallas introduces the idea of replacing courage with self-compassion.
[30:16] Dallas encourages Lyndsey to forecast her business journey with a focus on self-compassion.
[35:45] Dallas emphasizes the power of curiosity as a superpower.


Lyndsey Wilcken
Lyndsey Wilcken


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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Episode Highlights

If you’re a values-driven coach and you want to build a reliable business you’re proud of, you’ve come to the right place. I must confess that I often bristle at the idea of someone having a fear of success in coaching. To me, it implies that you are somehow flawed or broken. Because, come on, who’d be afraid of success, right? 

My guest today came to our recording pretty convinced that she’s just afraid of success. But soon we agreed that it’s much more accurate to say she’s nervous about the unknown. 

Lyndsey Wilcken empowers moms to defy diet culture so they can finally find the strength, vitality, and confidence they’ve been looking for from a holistic lens. 

Despite a lot of growth and discovery in her business over the last several months, right now Lyndsey’s feeling stuck. She’s a single mom with teenagers at home who require support. Plus she’s got her business to think about. 

Competing Intentions

Lyndsey’s telling herself what a lot of us say.

  • I should be further along than I am right now. 
  • Maybe I’m just not cut out for this. 
  • Where will I find all the time and energy to do all the things I need to do?

This may sound familiar if you’re grappling with the fear of success in coaching, just like Lyndsey. 

Lyndsey feels like she’s made friends with failure while success is still the new, intimidating kid in town. And when you’re juggling being a single mom to three teenagers and a thriving business, the unknown can feel particularly daunting.

Lyndsey has a lightbulb moment about the need to take on fewer things and pour herself into her business. Perfect timing, since her teenagers are gaining independence and she figures this opens up space for some much-needed self-care.

The best part? Her business is, in essence, her unique story of healing and growth. Just goes to show that when we embrace success, we can express ourselves and authentically impact others.

Replacing Courage with Compassion

Are you like Lyndsey, often associating your business journey with fumbling and stumbling? Let’s take a step back and see the bigger picture. You might just find that beneath those harsh words lie curiosity, intuition, and incredible bravery.

What if it’s not about muscling through fear but setting it down gently? 

Picture your business hustle like a fitness boot camp. You’re in it for the gains, right? It’s that sweet spot of discomfort that boosts growth. No more, no less. And when it gets too much, it’s cool to hit the pause button. Recharge and reflect. That’s not quitting, it’s smart strategizing.

So, instead of summoning every ounce of courage for business moves, why not try a spoonful of compassion? It’s about finding the balance between hustle and hibernate modes. It’s not about proving anything. It’s about progressing and understanding this business is part personal journey, part evolution.

Could your path to success feel a bit smoother with some self-compassion as your sidekick? I reckon it’s a yes because it’s about growth, not just grit.

Curiosity as a Superpower

Imagine pausing before a task, reflecting on what’s worked before, and jotting it all down in a journal. Getting charged up? That’s the power of curiosity!

Lyndsey takes an exciting leap during the episode. She sails past her fear of success in coaching and embraces proactive curiosity. She’s ready to reflect, show kindness to herself, and make these her secret weapons for future success – and for helping her clients. Empowering, right?

Curiosity and self-compassion aren’t just nice-to-haves. And you know what? Each of us holds the clues to our own success. Maybe yours are sitting in your story, just waiting to be discovered.