#195 : Do It Scared in 2024
with Dallas Travers 


Episode at a Glance

Happy New Year to you! Let’s wrap up 2023 with a transformative process to design your wildly successful year.

This special solo show is designed to do three things…

  1. Take you through the process Hive members follow to plan for the upcoming year. Hive members are all cruising into 2024 feeling grounded and clear about exactly what needs to happen in order to reach their business goals and we’re excited to share the framework with you.
  2. Hold Dallas accountable to her own goals and values by taking you behind the scenes as she evaluates how 2023 went through the lens of her core values.
  3. Create a connection with you, the listener. Dallas shares vulnerably about what was a rather rough year. And she hopes to inspire you about the year ahead by sharing her own vision for 2024.
Timestamps & Key Topics:
  • [00:11] – Introduction to the episode and its three main intentions.
  • [00:48] – Outline of the process to design a wildly successful year.
  • [02:19] – Importance of subscribing to the podcast for support.
  • [03:54] – Acknowledging successes and setting up 2024 schedules.
  • [05:27] – Setting visibility and revenue goals, and creating a cash flow forecast.
  • [07:02] – Differentiating between a forecast and a scorecard for accountability.
  • [09:19] – Benefits of the ‘Wildly Successful Year’ training in the Hive community.
  • [10:53] – Emphasizing the importance of intentional planning.
  • [12:22] – Personal story: Dallas’s family ritual of rose, thorn, and bud.
  • [17:50] – Paying tribute to a lost friend and client, Will Medina.
  • [21:54] – Encouraging listeners to embrace the motto “Do it scared.”
  • [23:48] – Dallas’s personal bud for 2024: embracing a season of expansion.
  • [25:14] – Values audit: How to align your business with your core values.
  • [28:10] – Questions to help identify your personal values.
  • [31:18] – Running a values audit: thriving vs. striving in business.
  • [39:44] – Setting core intentions for 2024 based on values audit.
  • [42:50] – Dallas’s personal commitment to spark in 2024.
  • [44:34] – Closing remarks and invitation to join the Hive community.
Episode Highlights:
  • Designing a Successful Year: Dallas walks through a six-step process including values appraisal, acknowledging successes, scheduling, setting goals, and creating forecasts and scorecards.
  • Values Appraisal: An in-depth discussion on aligning your business practices with personal values. Questions to ask yourself as you uncover your values include:

1. Clarify 1-5 core values you hold and define them. These questions will help you get started:

a. What feelings, qualities or experiences matter most to you?
b. Where are you uncomfortable? Where do things feel stuck? They likely feel stuck because you’re not aligned with your values.
c. When do you get the most lit up? What really moves you?
d. What ticks you off? What irks you?
e. What qualities in others do you most admire and why?

2. Looking through the lens of your business, where are you thriving?

3. And where are you still striving?

  • Personal Stories & Tributes: Dallas shares her personal experiences and a heartfelt tribute to Will Medina, embodying the podcast’s theme of authenticity and vulnerability.
  • Practical Advice: The episode is filled with actionable advice, encouraging listeners to embrace their ambitions and challenges fearlessly.
Resources Mentioned:

The Hive Mentorship Program for Values Driven Coaches: dallastravers.com/hive


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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