#162 : Think big. Start small. Stay steady.
with Brian Patacca and Michelle Pollack 


Episode at a Glance

Hey folks.  Dallas Travers here. Thank you for tuning into ‘coaches on a mission.  We’ve got another podcast takeover happening this week and I cannot wait for you to hear from these two extraordinary coaches.

Last episode, two newer Hive members took over and you really got to hear how the structure, training and community have helped them so deeply just over the past few months.

This week, I invited two coaches who have worked with me for a few years so you can really get a sense of what’s possible for you and for your business when you commit to the Ripple Effect System.

Speaking of that, I’ve got a free workshop happening on April 25 and again on the 26th to teach you how to apply the Ripple Effect System in your coaching business so you can stop hodge-podging endless strategies together and instead take steady, authentic action to build a business you’re super proud of.

So, go ahead and hit pause on this episode for a second and visit dallastravers.com/masterclass to grab your spot for this free, live training.

After you do that, come on back and listen to Brian Patacca and Michelle Pollack share their inspiring (yet simple) journeys toward a six figure business.

Brian Patacca helps actors get what they want without suffering and Michelle Pollack works with high achieving women to own what they bring to the table and live & lead on their terms.

You are in for such a treat, so I’m going to stop talking now and hand the mic over to Michelle and Brian.

Wish them luck!!


Brian Patacca and Michelle Pollack
Brian Patacca and Michelle Pollack


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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