#185 : Give Your Signature System an Upgrade
with Onelly Hernandez 


Episode at a Glance

My guest today is Onelly Hernandez. Onelly helps Latinas with Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism lose weight without counting calories.

Onelly came into our conversation totally prepared to perfect her signature system, which made my job so super easy.

You see, every coach, whether you know it or not, has a signature system. And when we can give that system a name and really outline what it looks like, three incredible things happen:

  1. We feel much more confident as a coach and especially as a marketer.
  2. Your audience understands in a concrete way the value of investing with you.
  3. Your clients have a roadmap to evaluate their own progress and recommit to the process when they need to.

Onelly and I had so much fun putting her New and Improved Signature System together. The key thing I’d like you to listen to is how we shifted away from simply describing what her clients will do in each phase of her system. From there, we leaned into how they’ll feel when they hit each milestone in her system.

And the difference is powerful.

You can actually see Onelly’s finished product at the link in the show notes. Take a look now because you may want to use it as a roadmap as you listen along.

Two Key Points We’ll Cover During the Episode:

  • How to structure a signature system to use as a marketing tool to attract clients who may not understand what it means to work with a coach.
  • The difference between “what we’ll do language” and “how you’ll feel” language in your marketing. HINT: “How you’ll feel” language usually packs a bigger punch.

Key Takeaways
Simply put, your signature system is a concise way to illustrate your customer journey.

When a coach has a clear signature system, you can use it to attract leads into your programs. It’s also a roadmap for clients as they move through the coaching journey.

Plus, it’s a tool that immediately brings more confidence to you, the coach, because it showcases your expertise in an irresistible way.

If you want help developing your own signature system, consider joining The Hive.


Onelly Hernandez
Onelly Hernandez


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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