#35 : Are you clever or are you clear?
with Lauren Kester 


Episode at a Glance

Today’s episode is such a juicy one, especially if you feel stuck around your messaging or the journey you take your clients on.

My guest is Lauren Kester who, before becoming a coach, worked for Saturday Night Live. She also had a strict religious upbringing, which just wasn’t for her. Lauren came into our session relatively clear that she wanted to help women step fully into their power. She also felt pretty attached to infusing clever references to SNL into her client journey.

To be honest, neither of these things were really working. First off, Lauren’s target audience wasn’t clear enough. Secondly, she was overcomplicating her client journey. Both of these things left her feeling unclear and unconfident.

We solved both problems during our conversation and my two big takeaways were this:

1. Never compromise clarity for cleverness in your messaging.
2. Specificity is the thing that brings opportunity.

If you’re stuck in the muck around your messaging, this episode is for you. Let’s take a listen…


Lauren Kester
Lauren Kester


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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