#182 : 5 Steps to Re-Energize Your Marketing
with Michelle Pollack 


Episode at a Glance

My guest today is Michelle Pollack who might be familiar to you because this is actually her third time on the show. Not long ago, she joined Brian Patacca to take over the show and share their experience inside The Hive.

Then, back in episode 32, Michelle came on the show to tackle some obstacles blocking her from putting out consistent content.

A lot has changed since then, but as it goes… whenever we reach new levels, we face new opportunities and likely face new problems to solve.

So, Michelle and I worked on designing a formula to help her leverage her strengths to bring fresh energy into her marketing.

Here’s the plan we cooked up:

  1. Clarify how you want to feel every day in your business.
  2. Tap into the WHY behind why you started your business.
  3. Define how your WHY shows up in all aspects of your life outside of your business.
  4. Apply the elements you defined in step three back to your business. This requires throwing out any rules you think you should follow.
  5. Put your WHY into action to bring energy and intention to your sales and marketing.

Michelle helps ambitious women own what they bring to the table and live & lead on their terms. I just want to say that Michelle is easily one of the most coachable guests we’ve ever had on this show.

So, if you’re a fan of coaching, you’ll love hearing her work through her own obstacles as I simply ask empowered questions.

If you’re feeling frustrated and exhausted because your marketing efforts are falling flat, despite your efforts to infuse authenticity, then this episode is for you!
In this episode, you’ll learn to:

  • Show up as the truest version of yourself in your business and personal life.
  • Use the impact you naturally have on your family, friends, and clients as a model for how to show up in your business.
  • Embrace the idea of allowing your business to be the truest version of itself, and consider how this mindset shift can transform your approach to marketing and sales.


Michelle Pollack
Michelle Pollack


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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