#32 : Create content your ideal client can’t resist
with Michelle Pollack 


Episode at a Glance

My guest today is Michelle Pollack. Like a lot of us, Michelle keeps growing and learning which means her niche and her passions keep deepening and shifting.

So, the target audience Michelle started with is not the same target audience she wants to attract any longer.

Michelle helps smart, driven women discover their authentic voice and own it as their superpower, and to trust themselves so they can realize their full potential.

And yet, she finds herself disconnected from her own authentic voice and unsure about her own superpowers.

Michelle came into our session assuming that the problem to solve was to clarify her newly updated target audience, but what we quickly discovered was that she needed to give herself permission to take a firmer stance in her messaging to connect with her dream clients in a powerful way.

So, we dig into some messaging in the episode, but more importantly, we tackle the self-doubt that often plagues many coaches who believe they’re good at coaching, but marketing isn’t their thing.

I hope you enjoy it.


Michelle Pollack
Michelle Pollack


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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