#109 : The big secret to more impact, productivity, and money
with Tanessa Shears 


Episode at a Glance

This conversation left me googling all things biohacking afterward because my guest, Tanessa Shears, is really onto something. She’s committed to helping business owners, just like us, be more productive, happy and impactful in our work thanks to biohacking.

What’s biohacking? Great question. Essentially, biohacking is the practice of making incremental lifestyle or health changes to improve your personal performance.  I’ll let Tanessa tell you all about it. But the part of biohacking we dove into is…

SLEEP.  One of my favorite pastimes.

Tanessa will reveal the truth about how much sleep we actually need to perform at our best and how to improve the quality of your sleep to accomplish bigger goals in your business.

It was an illuminating conversation for me… and yes… I even bought some red goggles afterward.

Find out why by tuning in now! I hope you enjoy my conversation with Tanessa Shears.


Tanessa Shears
Tanessa Shears


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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