#219 : Design A Webinar That Converts
with Kate Evans 
headshot of guest Kate Evans for her "design a webinar that converts" podcast episode


Episode at a Glance

Decluttering Coach, Kate Evans is ready to launch her first course with a webinar. But she’s feeling foggy about how to structure a webinar that delivers value and also sells. Dallas Travers steps in to share her Foolproof Webinar Formula and the two coaches outline a complete webinar in no time flat. 

Key Takeaways

  • Webinar Strategy is Crucial for Sales: A well-structured webinar needs to go beyond mere presentation; it must strategically lead to a sale by directly addressing the audience’s needs and linking content to the service being sold.
  • Understanding Emotional Barriers: In decluttering, as in many personal transformation processes, emotional barriers play a significant role. Addressing these effectively in a webinar can enhance engagement and the perceived value of the service.
  • The Power of a Structured Yet Flexible Approach: While structure is necessary to ensure all essential points are covered, flexibility within that structure can make the presentation more relatable and engaging, allowing the presenter’s personality to shine through.
  • Effectiveness of Client Stories in a Webinar: Using client stories throughout the webinar topics can help people relate to the topics. In addition, sharing a success story can illustrate the effective application of the webinar subject and will plant the seed for the offer.
  • Professional Guidance Is Invaluable: Working with a coach can provide the structure and support needed to learn the process you are teaching but also expand upon and teach the client to maintain those efforts long term. It’s about learning systems the client can use and sustain over time.

Timestamps & Key Topics

[00:23] Kate shares the challenge of creating her first webinar
[00:44] Dallas introduces the importance of a strategic approach to webinars
[04:08] Dallas explains the importance of creating a script for your webinar
[05:37] Dallas explains step 1 is to identify the desired outcome and reverse engineer the webinar based on this outcome
[10:28] Dallas explains the Foolproof Webinar Formula
[13:08] Dallas and Kate determine if the 3 lessons are finite enough or can be broken down further
[15:08] Kate describes how she would coach around the topics in her webinar
[18:04] Dallas explains the 5 S’s of the Foolproof Webinar Formula and then use them for Kate’s webinar
[24:28] Dallas explains a big mistake that happens in webinars and how to avoid it
[26:40] Creating anticipation in the webinar for the offer
[29:47] Kate describes how she would coach around the process for topic 2 in her webinar
[32:54] How sharing a success story can illustrate the effective application of the webinar subject
[35:19] The importance of narrating the before, during and the after during personal client stories
[39:41] Dallas and Kate discuss how the third step in a webinar should lead into the offer
[45:26] Kate and Dallas discuss the next steps


Kate Evans
Kate Evans
Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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Episode Highlights

The Charm Of Webinars & The Hive Formula

This episode dives into one of my very favorite topics – webinars. 

Inside The Hive, one of the eight courses I deliver is The Foolproof Webinar Formula, which perfectly balances selling and serving. 

Hive members rocking this formula see their webinars convert over 15% on average.

When Kate Evans asked me for guidance on her first webinar, I was pumped to help her declutter her content ideas and align them with her decluttering coaching service. 

We outlined her entire webinar in just 25 exhilarating minutes using the start of our Foolproof Webinar Formula.

Crafting A Winning Webinar With Kate

Despite her brilliance in helping others minimize clutter, Kate was initially overwhelmed by the prospect of creating a webinar that converts. 

Applying The Foolproof Webinar Formula, we swiftly crafted a webinar centered on the true transformation her audience seeks. 

We started by defining the desired end result – a beloved life and home – and worked our way back to an engaging introduction. 

We tapped into decluttering, a simple yet profound topic, to capture her audience’s attention.

By shedding all preconceived notions and focusing squarely on the audience’s pain points – starting, feeling overwhelmed, and a perceived laziness in decluttering – we turned these into relatable steps toward a clutter-free life. 

We made it resonate by interweaving real-life success stories and emphasizing the emotional and mental liberation that follows physical decluttering.

Converting Insights Into Lasting Impact

This streamlined, relatable approach makes our webinars not just informative but transformative – that’s our secret sauce. 

Whether you’re crafting a webinar from scratch or tweaking your current strategy to enhance its impact, focusing on deeply resonant themes is key to conversion. 

To genuinely connect with your audience, infuse your webinars with authenticity and actionable insights.

If you’ve got a webinar in your future, you really should think about joining us in The Hive so you know how to launch effectively and authentically. You can do that now by visiting dallas.com/hive

And a great place to get started is by watching this very episode. You’ll hear how to design a webinar that connects directly back to your offer so you can sell with confidence and grace.