#218 : Can You Really Build a Biz You Love?
with Tara Rhodes 
headshot of guest Tara Rodes for her "can you really build a biz you love?" podcast episode


Episode at a Glance

Tara Rhodes isn’t sure she wants a traditional coaching business any longer. But she wonders if it’s even possible to have a profitable business that suits her interests and lifestyle. Dallas Travers coaches her through a conversation to design a business model she truly loves.

Key Takeaways

  • Follow Your Passion: Lean into what you love. For Tara, this means focusing on creating community and shared learning experiences rather than just one-on-one coaching.
  • Innovative Revenue Models: Exploring new revenue streams, such as a subscriber-based podcast, can provide financial sustainability while aligning with personal values and passions.
  • Lean Into What You Love: Embrace your passion and let it guide your business decisions. For Tara, this means focusing on creating a community-centered space.
  • Explore Creative Revenue Models: Monetize your passion through diverse revenue streams such as advertising, subscriber levels, and mini-trainings, ensuring alignment with your values.
  • Listen and Adapt: Stay attuned to your audience’s needs and be ready to pivot based on feedback. Recognize the signs and feelings that indicate it’s time for the next phase.

Timestamps & Key Topics
[00:14] Tara shares her vision about her business
[01:48] Tara talks about her Aha moments
[03:47] Discussion on transition challenges to a community-based business model
[05:48] Tara outlines her vision for the future
[08:30] Discussion on providing equity and accessibility in her business
[09:33] Tara describes her ideal community members
[13:40] Dallas pitches the idea of a podcast to Tara
[17:00] Exploring New Revenue Models
[19:54] Discussion on monetization strategies for the podcast
[22:51] Setting Realistic Expectations
[23:57] Discussion on Tara’s next steps
[26:40] Dallas and Tara discuss her potential revenue with the podcast
[31:08] Tara reflects on her business goals.
[33:00] How to identify when it’s time to expand or pivot in your business


Tara Rhodes
Tara Rhodes


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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Episode Highlights

Build A Coaching Biz You Love With Community At The Core

Ever wonder if you can build a biz you love that’s more than just profit? My guest, Tara Rhodes did, and her story’s a wake-up call. 

Tara is committed to helping quiet rebels who feel stuck in the middle be willing to look at their stuff so they can figure out who they want to be in the world. 

Over the last year, Tara has realized that a traditional coaching model isn’t the model for her anymore. She craved a business overflowing with things she loved, but the traditional model just wasn’t cutting it. Ditching one-on-one coaching for something that packed a punch with passion was the game.

The idea of sparking “aha moments” within a community sets her soul on fire. That’s right, Tara’s all about creating those electric moments when people really get it, and she believes they’re even more powerful in a group setting.

Tara realized she’s not just in it for those private wins, but for the collective energy that blooms when people click together. She’s out to build a business thriving on that group magic. The big questions are still on the table: Will folks dig this community vibe? Can they pay for it? And can you really make money running a community-centric business?

Cultivating A Community-Centric Business

Tara is on a quest to build a vibrant, camp-like community that doesn’t lean on one-on-one client work for revenue. Her vision is a space where connections blossom naturally, an environment where every member feels at home, sharing that unparalleled summer camp vibe.

This approach to monetization is inventive and community-focused. Tara envisions a diverse ecosystem of offerings. 

Imagine engaging bite-sized training sessions, flexible pay-what-you-can book clubs, and other interactive elements. These aren’t just revenue streams. They are invitations for deeper engagement, designed to weave members more tightly into the fabric of the community – all while keeping that dreaded salesy vibe at bay.

Crafting Engaging Experiences

As Tara ventures into the world of content creation, her aim is clear: to foster a show that mirrors the ease and unpredictability of a heart-to-heart with a close friend. A podcast is just the starting point – a gateway to the broader community she dreams of creating. 

Tara’s journey is a testament to the power of steady, authentic community building. It’s not about chasing the limelight; it’s about consistently delivering value and warmth, much like a summer camp for the soul. 

Tara’s unwavering commitment to sharing her passions and embracing her authentic self acts as a magnet, drawing in those who resonate with her vision. 

The cornerstone of building a biz you love is nurturing a community grounded in shared values and collective experiences.

Final Thoughts

We focused on how ventures like podcasting offer new dimensions of business without rigid frameworks. It’s all about evolving and responding to your community’s needs while staying true to what inspires you.

Remember, it’s about the journey marked by continuous learning and adapting. Don’t be afraid to recalibrate or even backtrack when necessary. And remember, building a biz you love always comes full circle to staying aligned with your vision.

Tara’s journey is a powerful reminder that realigning with what you genuinely love can revolutionize your business path. Dive into the episode to catch all the inspiration.