#130 : Solve the right problems in your business
with Dallas Travers 


Episode at a Glance

Happy October — This is the time of year where I know for me and so many other coaches start to dream, plan, and prepare for the year to come.

So to help you make next year a breakthrough year in your business I’ve cooked up 5 bonus episodes that we will drop each day this week!

And today is all about how to know you are solving the right problems in your business

We are rolling out these special episodes for 2 reasons:

1. To help you think differently about your business than you have in the past.

2. To help you decide if The Hive is the program to help you accomplish those goals and apply those strategies — and really make 2023 a different year for yourself.

So at the time of recording this episode we have exactly twenty spots available inside the hive before we close enrollment for the year.

We limit our enrollment because we really strive to deliver the gold standard when it comes to client success inside of the program. We’re very high touch and intentional so we will close the doors for the year once we hit our enrollment goal.

So the way that I see it is if you’ve been at all curious about The Hive or it’s been on your list… now is the time to begin your enrollment process. You can apply now at http://dallastravers.com/apply

Today’s episode is all about how to solve the right problems in your biz.

Do you ever feel like everyone around you knows something you don’t? Maybe like you’re missing something- because you’re doing all of the right things and still feel like you’re just throwing spaghetti against the wall half of the time.

This is really common for values driven coaches. One reason being that we care a lot about our business and really want to help people.

And because we want that so badly, we’re willing to put in the hard work. But it’s that willingness to put in the hard work that can create chaos in our business and cause us to value action more than strategy.

So in this episode, I will walk you through how to tell if you’re actually solving the right problem. Then, how to measure those decisions in a values driven way. And lastly, walk you through the system I live by and walk all of our Hive Members through: The Ripple Effect System.

If you’re ready to stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and truly set your business up for success this coming year…grab a pen and paper and tune in!


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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