#201 : 10 New Clients and Counting – How She Did It
with Darcie Warden 
Darcie Warden headshot for episode "10 New Clients And Counting... How She Did It"


Episode at a Glance

Darcie Warden and Dallas Travers take you behind the scenes of Darcie’s super successful Client Surge. She signed 10 new clients and counting in less than 90 days and she’ll explain exactly how she did it.

Key Takeaways

  • Structured Approach: Client Surge provided Darcie with a structured roadmap, but she discovered that true growth involved more than following steps; it required introspection and overcoming resistance.
  • Client-Centered Sales: Darcie transformed her sales approach from stiff and apologetic to client-centered and confident, emphasizing the importance of understanding and meeting clients where they are in their journey.
  • Invitational Videos: Darcie found success in using invitational videos, such as BombBomb, to humanize her outreach and clarify her coaching message, fostering deeper connections with potential clients.
  • Navigating Tension: Darcie learned to distinguish between healthy tension and undue pressure in sales conversations, embracing silence and holding space for clients to make empowered decisions.
  • Integrate Coaching Skills into Sales: Asking probing questions and advocating for clients’ needs during sales calls can lead to more authentic and meaningful interactions.
  • Refine Messaging: Continuously refining messaging is crucial for connecting with potential clients effectively.
  • Graduation is Success: Set the intention for clients to graduate, signaling successful coaching relationships and growth for both parties.

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Timestamps & Key Topics
[00:00] Introduction
[01:26] Setting the Stage: Darcie’s Business Before Client Surge
[03:54] Darcie’s Journey through Client Surge
[07:43] Darcie’s Results: Reflecting on Client Surge
[08:41] Standout Strategy: The Power of Invitational Videos
[11:31] Evolving Sales Calls: From Stiff to Client-Centered
[14:00] Adjusting the Sales Call Framework: Meeting Clients Where They Are
[18:45] Embracing Silence: Navigating Tension vs. Pressure in Sales Conversations
[23:10] Dallas and Darcie discuss integrating coaching skills into sales calls.
[25:49] Evolution of messaging during Client Surge.
[28:30] Handling client transitions and changing perspective on client graduation.
[31:45] Importance of client-centered focus in coaching and differentiating between politeness and kindness
[33:45] Recognizing personal growth and transformation in business.
[36:10] Embracing intentional and strategic growth.
[39:55] Importance of coaches being visible to serve those in need.


Darcie Warden
Darcie Warden


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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Episode Highlights

Darcie’s Client Surge Journey

In this podcast episode, we’re going to deconstruct what it takes to find more coaching clients. Our guest is Darcie Warden and she teaches people in midlife the Rising Phoenix Method to gain clarity about what’s next so that they can enthusiastically step into new possibilities to create the next chapter of their life.

Darcie and I recorded this episode when she began implementing my Client Surge System. In fact, she signed her very first client the day before we recorded. Two months later, Darcie found herself with 10 new clients and counting thanks to Client Surge.

If your goal this year is more paying clients, this episode is a must-listen. 

From Accidental to Intentional

Have you ever felt totally aligned with the coaching part of your job,  but just couldn’t figure out how to get folks to pay for your expertise? Darcie was in the same boat. She was coaching for free, counting on those magical moments when a paying client appeared out of thin air. Sound familiar?

But here’s where it gets good. Darcie embarked on a journey called Client Surge, a comprehensive roadmap for her business detailing preparation, execution, and follow-up. 

Yeah, you heard me, a surge that led to 10 new clients and counting. It’s like she found the secret sauce to turn her passion into a legit business. 

So, how did she do it? It was all about transforming her mindset from hoping for clients to strategically drawing them in. 

From Comfort Zone to Growth

I’m a big believer in referral marketing. In fact, it’s still the #1 way I find clients, even after 20+ years as a coach. Yet, if we want referrals we’ve gotta ask for them. Darcie felt the resistance creeping in when it was time to ask people to be her ambassadors. The fear of hearing “no” had her second-guessing her worth as a coach.

Guess what though? Darcie realized she was deciding for others before giving them the chance to understand her value. So she took the plunge, faced her fear, and reminded herself that a “no” or even being ghosted had nothing to do with her worth – it was just an opportunity to grow.

Darcie’s decision to step out of her comfort zone transformed into an astonishing ride of self-growth. It was never just about getting more clients – it was about developing as a coach and business owner. Growth is always worth it, even when it’s tough!

Secrets to More Aligned Clients 

Darcie credits her success to the detailed prep work she did to gain confidence in sales calls, figure out all the techie stuff required to enroll, and really tap into how she needs to show up. Her real secret was getting crystal clear on who she serves and why. Talk about a power move.

Whether you’re calling for referrals or personally inviting someone to a sales call, the key is being genuine and clear on who you serve and why it matters. 

Cracking the Code to Confident  Sales Calls

Have you ever been on a sales call and felt totally out of your element? Like suddenly, you’re a robot just going through the motions. Trust me, I’ve been there. Those calls used to be as exciting as cold tea. But let me tell you, things can change.

The big turnaround for me was switching to a client-centered sales call method. Think less selling, more showing what coaching with you is really like. It’s about giving a taste of the experience, making the calls less about pressure and more about connection. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice, and tons of it. Treat it like you’re prepping for the Olympics of sales calls. By adopting this approach, calls became less about dread and more about genuine excitement. 

The Power of Silence

Getting comfortable with silence can truly up your game. Silence is golden, especially when it’s about giving space for potential clients to process and decide. 

Celebrating When a Client Leaves

Shouldn’t every client graduate at some point? If they’re reaching their goals, then we’re doing our job. 

And as we continue to serve our clients, we also continue to grow, setting new milestones and striving to meet them. That’s the journey to successful coaching.

The Power of Intentional Action

Manifestation alone won’t get you clients organically. You need a plan, action, and a clear direction – that’s your ticket to making things happen. It’s about doing what scares you, maybe even makes you a bit queasy, but you do it because it matters.

And to all the amazing coaches out there, we need to be more visible so we can reach and help more people. The world would be a brighter place with more coaching in it – now, how about that for motivation?

If you’re itching to learn more about Client Surge, listen to the full episode where Darcie takes us through the before, during, and after of her surge. Who knows, it might just be the nudge you need.