#197 : Accessible Pricing That Doesn’t Eat Away At Your Profits
with Clarissa Cabbage 


Episode at a Glance

Clarissa Cabbage, an AutoImmune Health Coach, will include lab testing in her coaching packages.  In this episode, she and Dallas determine how she can include the extra price of lab testing without making her coaching package pricing accessible to different budgets.

Key Takeaways

  • Integrating Comprehensive Solutions: Clarissa is expanding her coaching by including functional lab testing and supplements, offering a more holistic approach to autoimmune health.
  • Understanding Client Journeys: The concept of an ‘awareness ladder’ is crucial in identifying where potential clients are in their health journey and how to effectively communicate with them.
  • Navigating Pricing and Packages: Designing flexible pricing structures and packages that cater to client needs and financial capabilities can be a game-changer in service delivery.
  • Client-Centered Approach: Focusing on the clients’ needs and preferences is essential in creating effective health coaching strategies.
  • Effective Messaging Strategies: Crafting clear and targeted messaging that addresses potential clients’ past experiences and concerns is key to successful marketing.

Timestamps & Key Topics:

  • [00:00] Introduction
  • [01:01] Clarissa’s backstory and shift in coaching services
  • [02:04] Clarissa discusses her decision to add functional lab testing
  • [03:01] Challenges faced by clients using DIY health methods
  • [04:18] Discussing the ‘awareness ladder’ in client coaching
  • [07:21] Delving into package design and marketing for new services
  • [17:12] Addressing concerns around pricing structures
  • [19:32] Exploring client-centered solutions for service delivery
  • [23:35] Discussing the uniqueness of Clarissa’s coaching method
  • [31:55] Mapping out messaging strategies for Clarissa’s services
  • [43:08] Conclusion and reflections on Clarissa’s journey


Clarissa Cabbage
Clarissa Cabbage


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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Episode Highlights

Redefining Clarissa’s Focus and Providing Coaching with Accessible Pricing

Dallas Travers recently had an insightful discussion with Clarissa Cabbage, a health coach specializing in autoimmune symptom relief. In sharing her journey to integrate functional lab testing and supplements into her practice, Clarissa reiterated her commitment to providing coaching with accessible pricing.

Clarissa’s clients struggle with autoimmune disease symptoms. In the past, Clarissa has offered clients coaching in lifestyle areas such as diet, rest, exercise, and stress control. Recognizing that many clients weren’t finding the help they needed from conventional medicine, she expanded her services to include functional lab testing and supplements.

Clarissa wants nothing more than to serve clients who appreciate the power of understanding their bodies holistically. They’ve tried all the things and now know they need to go deeper. Plus by adding lab testing to her offer, Clarissa expects to enroll more clients more easily because she can support them at a deeper level and still stay accessible to the folks who need her most. 

Understanding the Awareness Ladder

Dallas and Clarissa paid significant attention to the awareness ladder and its role in attracting potential clients who appreciate the value of alternative health approaches. To provide coaching with accessible pricing, Clarissa must understand the three levels of the awareness ladder.

  1. Pain Aware or Unaware: People at this level may tend to view their circumstances as something they just have to live with.  It’s just how the world works.  
  2. Problem Aware: Folks at this level begin to understand that they may have more control (and more options) to change their circumstances if they try.  They’re not yet sure about how to change, but at least they’re open to it. 
  3. Solution Aware: At this stage, people believe that change is possible with the right support. They’re proactively looking for solutions and are ready to invest in coaching services.

Adjusting Package Structure and Pricing for Better Accessibility

A key theme of the discussion was reworking Clarissa’s coaching packages to cover the costs of lab testing without making her coaching packages so expensive that no one can invest.  Clarissa wants to serve people and they need her support.  She also needs to avoid taking on the financial burden of labs on her own.  

While a simple monthly retainer package worked for Clarissa in the past, it’s not sustainable when lab testing enters the mix. 

How can Clarissa provide coaching with accessible pricing while ensuring her costs are covered? 

The issue lies in the substantial lab test charges. Asking clients to pay these expenses upfront could pose a financial barrier. However, if they leave after testing but before significant coaching, it could strain the system.

The goal is clear: make coaching as accessible as possible. It is super important to offer solutions that balance her client’s needs with the financial sustainability of her practice. So, Dallas and Clarissa took a pragmatic approach to allow Clarissa to deliver valuable coaching while keeping her business profitable..

A Balanced Approach to Offer Coaching with Accessible Pricing

Through her experience, Clarissa has learned that a standard monthly retainer may not be feasible with the new protocol. Lab tests require more work, money, and time. 

Clarissa and Dallas brainstormed ideas to design values-aligned coaching packages that make sense for Clarissa and her potential clients. To provide value for clients and protect their financial concerns, they developed a flexible and sustainable pricing plan that embodies the principle of coaching with accessible pricing.

Dallas and Clarissa outlined an action plan addressing Clarissa’s concerns about incorporating her new coaching approach, especially managing upfront lab costs, and striking a balance between affordable services and maintaining business profitability.

Introducing the On-Ramp Program

Here’s where Dallas and Clarissa landed:  They decided to design two options and let potential clients choose the coaching package that meets their budget. 

One option is an 8-week on-ramp program which stretches out payments for lab testing over time. While the client makes payments toward their labs, Clarissa will provide health coaching so they can make impactful changes in their lifestyle in areas such as sleep, diet, and toxin removal. This onramp option kick-starts the client’s journey toward regaining their lives now while they await lab results.  

Easing the Pricing Entry Point

Dallas and Clarissa brainstormed two different pricing models to facilitate client entry. The first suggestion allows the cost of the lab test to be settled with the first three payments, thus making lab testing more attainable for clients.  This model fosters coaching with accessible pricing while ensuring clients feel welcomed rather than overwhelmed by upfront costs.

Alternatively, clients could opt to pay $1,300 upfront, which would suit those eager to start their lab tests immediately. For other clients, a payment plan allowing for installments was proposed, making lab tests more financially accessible while waiting only an additional month before beginning coaching.

Addressing Client Concerns

Dallas and Clarissa also talked about how to remove any barriers clients may have to start hiring a coach right away.  

Clients who struggle with autoimmune diseases often grapple with the uncertainty of whether investing again in their health would make an impact. Dallas stressed the importance of challenging client objections. She reminded Clarissa that she should not feel responsible for filling their gaps. Instead, she could offer them the tools required for them to stand on their own.

Along with this, clients need assurances about the value and purpose of the lab tests. Transparent communication about the distinction between Clarissa’s lab-based approach and functional medicine could help dispel any fears.

Clarissa’s Adjusted Coaching with Accessible Pricing Approach

Clarissa now has a clear understanding of how to tackle her clients’ concerns, fine-tune her pricing model, and design her services to appeal to potential clients. 

This episode showed Clarissa’s commitment to providing coaching with accessible pricing while keeping her business profitable.

The changes promise a bright future for Clarissa’s health coaching career, keeping coaching with accessible pricing at its core.