#192 : Hit a Revenue Plateau? Here’s How to Bust Through
with Katy Chen Mazzara 


Episode at a Glance

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How the heck can I make more money at this coaching thing” you are in for a treat. 

My guest is Katy Chen Mazzara who’s a trauma informed certified Financial Wellness Coach who helps creative freelancers and entrepreneurs release generational traumas and fears so that they can find emotional and financial freedom. 

Katy was first on the podcast all the way back in episode 6, which we recently reaired because that conversation belongs on the greatest hits list over here at Coaches on a Mission headquarters. 

Well, nearly 200 episodes later, Katy is back.  Her business looks entirely different and she’s truly a thought leader in the financial wellness space. 

Like a lot of coaches, Katy has hit a revenue plateau in her business.  Now, this plateau has a wonderful view, but Katy’s ready for the next level.  

As I said in the episode…the actions that got you this far are often the things we need to release in order to go further.  

Which was kinda sorta the case for Katy. 

More specifically, Katy and I needed to review the customer journey folks take before they invest in her program so we could identify any gaps at the top of her funnel, easy opportunities in the middle of the funnel and of course higher conversions and bigger profits at the bottom of the funnel. 

Which is precisely what we did during this actionable conversation.  

We started with this important question:
If money is stuck, where else are you stuck?

And we ended with this one:
What do you do now and where can you go deeper?

If your goal is more revenue in 2024, don’t miss a word of this episode. 

And be sure to check the show notes because the doors to Katy’s incredible mentorship program open up this month.  

I am a graduate and I can’t think of a wealth abundance and money program out there that holds a candle to Katy’s.  

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Effective strategies to break through the income glass ceiling in your coaching business and achieve new levels of revenue growth.
  • To evaluate your pricing based on the benefits you provide, ensuring that you are maximizing your earning potential and delivering exceptional value to your clients.
  • How to implement a student referral program to tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing and attract a steady stream of high-quality, pre-qualified leads who are already interested in your coaching services.
  • Top-of-the-funnel lead generation strategies that will help you expand your reach, attract your ideal clients, and consistently book more coaching sessions.
  • Bottom-of-the-funnel adjustments that can significantly impact your revenue growth, from optimizing your sales process to increasing your conversion rates and closing more deals.

“Breaking from 60K a year past the six figure mark is a turning point. And I just see it over and over again. What got you where you are right now is not what will get you to the next level.” – Dallas Travers

Katy has free workshops in December on the Financial Freedom Formula.  Grab your free spot here


Katy Chen Mazzara
Katy Chen Mazzara


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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