#190 : How to Design an Offer to Test a New Niche
with Allyson Greek 


Episode at a Glance

My guest today is Allyson Greek who recently stepped back from her coaching business to commit to a new niche.

Allyson feels called to help Christian Women stay rooted in their faith so they can confidently live as who they are and lean into what they’re called to do.

And she’s giving herself time and space to really uncover the most purposeful path for her business.

Yet, she’s at the stage where thinking, journaling, praying, and contemplating her new niche isn’t bringing enough clarity. So, it’s time to take her new niche to the streets so to speak with a new offer.

But private coaching doesn’t seem like it’ll give Allyson enough flexibility right now. Instead, she wants to explore small group retreats.

So, Allyson’s big question was this:
If I don’t have a signature system or even a ton of experience coaching in my new niche, how can I design a retreat experience that feels aligned and valuable?
The answer was living inside Allyson all along.

She just needed a coaching conversation to bring it forward, which is the whole point of coaching after all.

Whether you’ve moved into a new niche or not, this conversation will outline a clear cut process to design a group event that leads directly into your very next offer.

Key Takeaways
When your niche changes, the size of your list matters less than the quality of your list.

Uncover the true importance of fostering community and connection within your niche, and how it can positively impact your business and the lives of your clients.

Learn how to deliver on clear promises to your clients, ensuring that you exceed their expectations and establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy coach or entrepreneur.

Explore the benefits of providing ongoing support and guidance to your clients, creating a community where they feel supported, encouraged, and motivated to achieve their goals.

“Step one is about leaning into the niche that feels aligned rather than the niche that feels easy”. – Dallas Travers


Allyson Greek
Allyson Greek


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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