#188 : Own Your Intellectual Property
with Audrey Joy Kwan 


Episode at a Glance

As coaches, some of the best work we do happens in the heat of the moment when we’re just really plugged into the client sitting in front of us. 

Now, you’ve probably heard me talk about your Signature System before on this show, but today’s guest is going to take that whole conversation to an entirely new level and leave you feeling super confident about the value of your work. 

Now Audrey Joy Kwan just might be my favorite guest expert this whole year.  And I almost didn’t invite her to come on because she’s an intellectual property expert and I worried that a conversation about IP wouldn’t actually help you, the listener, given where your business is at. But I was totally wrong. Couldn’t be more wrong.  

You see, your intellectual property is simply any system in your business that creates a result for your clients. And, as you’ll hear from Audrey, when you identify your IP and own it, you’ll sell more easily, your marketing becomes more compelling, and your confidence goes through the roof. 

Before I turn it over to Audrey, let me share a bit about her… 

Audrey is on a mission to show consultants, coaches and marketers they can build a joyful million-dollar service-based business with a lean team.

Audrey knows what it takes to build a business with a team — whether it’s from solo to two, three, five or twenty — she’s done it. So she’s here to  help you pivot and create delivery systems that give you more freedom from client work so you can get more time and freedom back.

This interview really left me feeling totally uplifted and legit.  I hope it has the same effect for you. 

In this episode, you’ll be learn to:

  • Develop a comprehensive and transferable intellectual property (IP) system.
  • Use a visual roadmap to visually guide your clients through the coaching process, making it easier for them to understand and engage with your coaching services.
  • Provide data-driven responses to client questions about timelines and results, giving them confidence in the effectiveness of your coaching methods.
  • Strike the right balance between structure and creativity in your coaching process, allowing for flexibility and personalization while still providing a clear framework for clients to follow.

“Most people don’t care how long it takes to get to a result, they just want to get to a result. In fact, if you can get to a result faster, people are going to buy your thing faster.” – Audrey Joy Kwan

If you want to continue the conversation on IP, it doesn’t have to stop here. You can join Audrey’s free strategic connections roundtable at Audreyjoykwan.com/roundtable.


Audrey Joy Kwan
Audrey Joy Kwan


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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